Assignment Workflow Advisory Council

Idea created by mb27350 on Mar 7, 2016

    Blackboard Learn allows users to add, annotate and view numerous versions of content however the assignment tools lack with flexibility and reliability. Workarounds are labour intensive and cannot be sustained. Anon and delegated grading are now 2 years old however the tool is lacking development.

    Learn Ultra is buzzing however my concern is that delegated and anonymous grading are limping along. I think creating a Product Advisory Council (PAC) that allowed institutions to speak directly to BB plus provide feedback and prioritize the development of the product would be beneficial to Blackboard and institutions.

    Having PACs grouped (e.g. further ed, higher ed, corporate) so that workflows aren't confused or simplified to the point where they ate unrepresentative.

    We need development on individual extensions, emailing non-submitters, better grade centre privileges, voice comments, video comments etc.

    Emailing an enhancement request is no longer viable as rarely do we get a reply and we cant track if its being considered.

    I am involved in the Collaborate PAC and tech preview for Collaborate Ultra which has been excellent in allowing us an opportunity to gain an insight on the product development and provide feedback which has helped shape Ultra.

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