REST APIs for Self and Managed Hosting Clients

Idea created by mbuchanon on Mar 2, 2016

    So, I just sat in on really interesting session about REST APIs (Thanks Guys!) and I got really excited about it.  Then it came to light that this is only for SaaS clients and that there is no current roadmap item to bring this to Self and/or Manage Hosting clients.  I think there's an opportunity here that shouldn't be missed!  Some of us will never be able to go to SaaS and we don't want to get left behind!


    My idea: Please take this excellent work and release periodic updates to the self and managed hosted clients that will give us various 'versions' of the REST API.


    Lets make it so we can all play in the same ballpark!  Thank you all for your thoughts and your votes!  Happy Wednesday!!

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