Add option to display name of parent class for students in child classes

Idea created by mh30618 on Mar 3, 2016

    We provide master class shells for teachers to use with each prep they teach. Master classes initially contain content and teachers only, no students. SIS integration-generated courses are attached as child classes to include student enrollments, and teachers designate specific groups within the master class to represent class periods, special populations, etc. This arrangement works well for teachers as they can see the name of the master class in their list of classes without seeing all of the SIS-generated classes in My Classes modules on the My Institution and Classes pages. Students, however, cannot currently see the name of the master class, only the name of the SIS-generated child class. We'd like students to see the name of the master class so that teachers and students can see the same class name and reduce confusion. Here are screen shots to illustrate.

    Students see name of Child Class instead of Master Class.png

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