Course Merge: Create groups to support adaptive release

Idea created by tc0049584 on Nov 14, 2015

    When two courses are merged, it is probable that 90% of the content will be the same, and perhaps 10% of the content should be shared to just one of the merged cohorts.


    For example, there are 500 students in Course A and 20 students in Course B - the latter cohort is doing an advanced version and need different assessment task available to them.  The instructor can't use the current Child Course ID column in the Grade Center to control adaptive release of content.


    They also can't use groups unless they maintain the enrolments manually, even though Bb is managing the merged enrolments elsewhere in the course. If groups were created automatically when courses were merged, and the enrolments managed as part of the ongoing course merge process in the background, it would be a significant improvement.


    There does not appear to be any current workaround either, requiring ongoing manual administration to be performed throughout the entire teaching period, as students enrol/unenrol from the various child courses.

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