Enhancements to self and peer assessment tool

Idea created by ab38030 on Nov 4, 2015

    We have been working with an academic who has tried out the self and peer assessment tool. We have identified the following that we think would improve usability.


    At the moment the self and peer assessment tool:

    • Allocates all students listed in the course papers to review
    • Allocates users to students who have not submitted anything to review.
    • Does not allow academics the ability to re-assign submissions for evaluation to different students e.g. those students who have been given users who have failed to submit.
    • Students cannot submit work to be included in the peer evaluation after the assignment due date.


    I'd like to suggest the following enhancements:

    • Only assign users to students where they have submitted work for review. Do not include students who have not submitted.
    • Have an option to exclude students from the peer assessment e.g. using the group tool or individuals. (We had an issue where the student preview account of an academic was included in the peer assessment)
    • Allow for the extension / editing of the submission deadline, or allow an option for late submission up to the start time of the evaluation.
    • Allow academics to assign or re-assign submissions to students to evaluate.
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