Hide Grade Center columns from student view en masse

Idea created by mcobb on Oct 26, 2015

    In the Grade Center, in Column Management, there current exists a way to hide select columns en masse from the teacher's Grade Center View.  There should be a way to also select columns from this same screen to hide from a student's view.


    Additionally, there is a way to add columns to a grading period.  So there should also be a way to hide an entire grading period from the teacher or student's view.


    These work flows would significantly improve the teacher's experience in the Grade Center for virtual schools and those who do blended learning.  At the end of a grading period, schools may wish to hide the previous terms' Grade Center columns to improve their own management of the Grade Center.  Hiding these columns may also improve the student (and parent's) experience when checking My Grades to monitor progress in a class.

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