Entering Blackboard Collaborate--music

Idea created by acsmith5 on Oct 15, 2015

    For the past 6 years, I have used Elluminate and now Blackboard Collaborate as an instructor. I would love a feature to be added to BC whereby students/participants log-in to the space, they can enter with music playing in the background and the whiteboard is still on the screen with content/welcome note to ensure they are in the correct location/class. I think this would set the tone in the space and welcome the student into the environment. I also can envision songs being played to represent the type of content we will be covering in the class as an additional layer of learning, especially for our auditory learners. I have tried copying the link in the chat box and the students can click on this when they enter and also keeping the microphone on and having music playing in the background, however, I have three kids that can get noisy, so this option is not preferred. I think the less clicking and ease of entry would be a powerful addition to the tool. Additionally, do you know when the links in BC will begin to be hyperlinks and "clickable" vs. static in this space? Thanks for your time!

    Product Version (if applicable):0