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Hi, Is it possible to bulk download student assignments that include the tutor feedback and comments  if they are anonymous (BBLean and/or Turnitin), ? I know it can be done for individual assignments, but cant find a function that applies to bulk downlaod. Thanks
I have a student that can only login on one computer.  He cannot logon to Bb Learn on his Chromebook, laptop or any other computer in the lab. Students are allowed to access at home, but this student cannot.  Our school tech support said to contact Bb Learn.  They could do nothing for him.   
Our support office tells me that I cannot eliminate unused grade columns rolled over from last year.  How can this be true?
Is this the right place to ask this question:  How can I lock students whiteboard objects so other students cannot edit them?  And how can I get more detailed information about who edits an object.   In 6th grade, hijacking others' objects to write naughty words is a temptation.  I have a student who does this, and there is no way (that I have… (Show more)
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In Collaborate, how do you increase the playback speed?  Didn't see any instructions for that.   
Using PowerShell for creating, queueing, and uploading Snapshot Feed Files.
I am trying to build a Users Refresh SIS Integration, following the documentation on "behind the Blackboard" According to that the users feed file contains a non-required data element called "primary institution role", which should be supplied under the header "institution_role".   I built my feed file accordingly, I verified that all records… (Show more)
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A big thank you to Dan Gioia for presenting the basics of customizing the Blackboard Learn user experience with CSS. This was a very informative session.   Here is the recording
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From Ester Muñoz Aparicio:   Someone in today's admin hours was asking about changing the global nav's background. I tried to search and post to the chat our mods but did not have the time to do so properly, so here it is:   /*MYBLACKBOARD*/ /*flyout sidebar*/ .flyout-menu{ background-color: #E1E1E1; border: 1px solid #E1E1E1; }…
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