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Here is the recording for Integrating LTI Providers with Learn: Bb Collaborate

Thank you again, to Eric Preston Principal Engineer in Blackboard's Product Development organization for sharing the outstanding work he and his team have been doing around LTI.
We've added support for LTI 2 registration and LTI Content-Item Message V1 in Learn, and have created public REST APIs for creating LTI domains and placements, including Content-Item placements. We've also enhanced the Ultra Experience to support adding LTI links to register and create LTI tools and hook them into both the Original and Ultra UI…
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MSU Denver is getting ready to do upgrades on our Blackboard Learn 9.1 system.  


We are a hosted setup  Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2016 - 9.1 Q2 2016 Cumulative Update 3 (Build:3000.1.3-rel.70+214db31)

What we are trying to get a few opinions about other schools that have updated recently or thinking about going to:

Can you tell us which upgrade you are going to go to
Are schools staying away from certain updates and for what reason
Is there a certain level of the Cumulative Update they are using

Since the upgrade is there any problems we should be aware of?

Thanks for any of help.

Next Wednesday, April 26 at 11am ET, Mark O'Neil will discuss why complete refresh is evil, and provide guidance and tools to take your complete refresh file and generate adds and drops to ease the burden of updates via the SIS Framework on your system.   To join, simply log on to at the appropriate time. For…
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Thank you everyone for joining this session, and thank you to Mark O'Neil for presenting and Tim Grady for helping answer questions!   Here is the recording for those that missed it.
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We disable students when they drop. Every so often, we're asked to re-enable the enrollment because the student is auditing.  We would use the University of York DSK tool to re-enable the enrollment and shift the enrollment DSK to SYSTEM (so our legacy snapshot wouldn't touch it).   If we create the STORE/DELETE pair of files, the student drop… (Show more)
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A big thank you to Dan Gioia for presenting the basics of customizing the Blackboard Learn user experience with CSS. This was a very informative session.   Here is the recording
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Hi. I am trying to load an audio talk (mp3) for my course. I have done this for many other lectures. I know the talk works/is uncorrupted as I can play it on multiple programs on my system. Also, I can load and "preview" the file successfully on coursesites. But when I try to load it for real, I get the following error message:

Error ID is 42cfbf4d-b07b-42ae-8138-cea5a62f0a8a

It says to contact my system administrator. The tab for the talk shows up but there is no file to play. 

Anyone know what this is about? 

Hi All

I'm testing Q2 2017 and one of the big changes here is the removal of the snapshot command line tool.  Fortunately I've had a replacement tool ready for a few years, I've just been waiting for the bugs to be worked out of the new SIS integration before I deployed it.

The problem seems to be that there's a pretty annoying bug which is has KB article number 000035625 from October 2014 which means that the institutional hierarchy feature is pretty much unusable.  It's not something we have now, but I considered it a big win and a big reason to go to the new SIS framework because I can delegate admin rights to our technology officers in schools and departments.

Whenever I run the integration I get 10,000 errors and 10,000 warnings from this bug which makes spotting any other problems pretty much hopeless.

Has anyone found a method of working around this problem?  I've checked with support and it's not fixed yet and not on the roadmap to be fixed so I guess this is not a feature that blackboard consider important.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

My name’s Kim and I’m excited to be working on a new startup that seeks to help thousands and thousands of students stay in online learning programs and fulfill their dreams. The start up will be powered by emphatic and experienced ‘‘retention coaches’ who call and make genuine connections with students who are at risk of dropping out to work with them to troubleshoot their learning programs. We seek to bring the human touch to supporting at risk students.

We’re working towards building a portal for our coaches to use - and we’re curious to know what info we could potentially pull in from Blackbaud’s API (assuming we have college X on board as a client).

In our prototype portal, we were wondering if we could pull this info from Blackboard:

  • If a student hasn’t logged in for X amount of time (say, a week)

  • If a student is behind on their assignments

  • If a student’s grades are suffering

  • If a student is the first in their family to attend college (first generation)

  • If a student is low-income

  • Has this student completed an online class before?

  • Reports/alerts of poor performance from students’ professors

For the past two years, I’ve been a high school counselor in West Virginia. I’m passionate about bringing big hearts and just enough tech to help students reach their goals.

I’d love your thoughts and feedback on what may be possible for our beta app!


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