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Big shout out to Blackboard's Technical Sherpa and Senior Product Manager for the Developer Platform Mark O'Neil for presenting all the hard-work he has put in to release the Blackboard Learn AMI for REST and LTI Developers. For those that were unable to attend. The recording is available here: Bb Collaborate.
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An instructor who gave titles to test questions wants students to be able to see the question titles while taking the test. I don't see any settings that would permit this. Do you know of any?

By question titles, I mean the box on the Create/Edit...Question page that is labeled "Question Title," not "Question Text."
I'm getting text messages on my phone about a girl I don't know who is not attending class.  I want to stop these messages.
We are having problems with a copied course.. After the grader completes the rubric, the instructor reads the rubric, saves it and  reconciles the grade. Then the rubic disappears.. the student can't see it and either can the instructor. What has happened and how do we correct it?
Thank for you assistance!
On October 4, 2017 Security Architect Karen Hartman gave a presentation on Developer Office Hours covering Secure Coding Best Practices. In case you missed it, here is the recording.   Thank you for presenting, Karen!
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Here is the recording for Integrating LTI Providers with Learn: Bb Collaborate

Thank you again, to Eric Preston Principal Engineer in Blackboard's Product Development organization for sharing the outstanding work he and his team have been doing around LTI.
We've added support for LTI 2 registration and LTI Content-Item Message V1 in Learn, and have created public REST APIs for creating LTI domains and placements, including Content-Item placements. We've also enhanced the Ultra Experience to support adding LTI links to register and create LTI tools and hook them into both the Original and Ultra UI…
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MSU Denver is getting ready to do upgrades on our Blackboard Learn 9.1 system.  


We are a hosted setup  Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2016 - 9.1 Q2 2016 Cumulative Update 3 (Build:3000.1.3-rel.70+214db31)

What we are trying to get a few opinions about other schools that have updated recently or thinking about going to:

Can you tell us which upgrade you are going to go to
Are schools staying away from certain updates and for what reason
Is there a certain level of the Cumulative Update they are using

Since the upgrade is there any problems we should be aware of?

Thanks for any of help.