• Examples of Ultra Courses

    Hi folks, Following on from the 2019 Learn Ultra Cohort meetings, I had a go at designing and building an Ultra course using CourseSites. If you're interested, you can view the results here: http://bit.ly/crit10...
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  • Messaging

    For those that have switched, or are preparing to switch, to Ultra Base Navigation: how are you handling the Messaging feature? Our faculty are concerned about having to check multiple places for emails from students...
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  • Discussion #1: Introduce Yourself!

    Tell us your name, role, institution, how long you’ve been using Blackboard Learn, your current deployment method (self-hosted, managed hosted, or SaaS), and what you’re looking to get out of this cohort p...
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  • Show me the Dates

    After watching today's recording, specifically where Wade was talking about being able to show upcoming content that isn't available yet to students, I found myself thinking about some of the challenges I face in help...
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  • Adding image to Top left corner

    How do we change the icon that appears in this area?
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  • Grey Background behind videos

    Is there a way to remove the grey background on videos?
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  • Week 2 Questions: Course Building/Tools/Features

    Groups:  What are groups for? Wade said "for assessment" but I'm not sure what that ties in to in Ultra exactly. Are there no group assignments? Filters/views in Grade Center based on groups?    Ann...
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  • Question: Clarify Grade Center When First Time

    I went onto the Ultra site and when you first go into Grade Center the "Calculation Details" is not a choice only "Add Calculation" (shown below) which directs you to create a formula. This will be a  huge issue ...
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  • Yesterday's Recording Questions

    Is there a way to set primary instructor through the integration?   At about 49:37 on the recording - Wade mentions rendering documents in screen with the initative with office 365, etc. Should we be a) using &ld...
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