• Creating multiple due dates

    Our institution is trying the master/child setup for multiple sections for the first time this semester.  Does anyone know if there is a way to create multiple due dates for a single assignment?  We have the...
    created by tb0069464
  • Delegated grading: Return to grader instead of reconciling

    I am using anonymous, delegated grading of assignments. As the final grader I would like to choose not to reconcile a grade (since the marker has left something out!) but rather to return it to the marker for regradin...
    created by moraig
  • Can't view certain assignments

    I have created three assignments in Blackboard Learn. I can view all three in Edit Mode, I can only see two of the assignments with Edit Mode off or in Student Preview.  Any suggestions?
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  • Hello!! I just recently submitted a paper twice to SafeAssign. I updated it, but accidentally submitted the wrong one and now it is saying 100% plagiarized "by another student's paper." My question is: will this show that I was the student that did this o

    safeAssign submission
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  • Extra space with hyperlinks

    I am working with a faculty member who hyperlinked text in the text editor box, and there is extra code that is producing a weird view. I am hoping someone can help.   When I click the item to edit it, the extra...
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  • How can students answer a test question with an image?

    I have an assignment where students take pictures of things they are doing with their mobile phones. I want them to be able to upload the images as answers to various questions on either an assignment or a test. While...
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  • PPT loading error in Collaborate

    Hi, all.   I am desperately trying to troubleshoot an error I keep getting when uploading PPT slides in Collaborate. I have had no problems in the past, but suddenly this week I keep getting an error: "failure c...
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  • Premium Video App: Thumbnails?

    Hey BB and BBlings alike.   So first, thanks for posting the new Premium Video app by My VR Spot. As far as a tool for posting videos to a page, this one takes the task and makes it easy. Any teacher out there s...
    created by sf0071843
  • How many sections are required to prompt a Directory to appear?

    We have two channels on our district homepage that do not have directories appear when clicked. One channel has five sections and one as seven. I would like directories to appear for these channels because it will eli...
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  • folder text grey background?

    Do you know why the titles of my folders have this grey background? I see this only when I enter the folder, on top. It looks like its copied from somewhere and I have to erase the formatting, but in the subject lin...
    created by ianaugust45
  • How do I delete dates from a copied course that are no longer relevant, so they won't show up in my Notifications?

    I copied a course from last semester that we used in an 8 week session. This semester I've updated it and am now offering it as a 16 week class. I've made several changes in the course. The notifications from last sem...
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  • Adding "Existing Users"

    In the new course sites environment, are we going to be given the ability to add "existing users" into a course? Currently, we only have the ability to create or invite.   Best, Tom Grosso
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  • USB headsets - Can't connect to speaker, but will keep trying

    Hi, I've been using blackboard collaborate for online courses through a university that I am attending. I've noticed that the software has a hard time connecting to the audio when I am using a USB headset. Specificall...
    created by peacekeeper
  • Where can I find a list of BB schools? 

    BB is my preferred LMS for teaching in a business program.  My current school is moving to another LMS and I would prefer to remain with BB.  Any suggestions?
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  • plagiarism checker SafeAssign

    Since a few weeks the plagiarism checker in Blackboard, SafeAssign, will not work. I always get the message: "An unexpected error has occurred. For reference, the Error ID is: 2520fd86-2a13-4f37-93aa-6c27f8545a3c." Wh...
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  • Find a way to compare 12 module total grades with a Final Exam grade and take the top 12 grades

    I have a course that has a complicated Grade Center question. The course has 12 modules with a variety of graded items in each (and not the same number of graded items in each module). Each module totals a maximum of ...
    created by lsheehy7
  • Dealing with second attempts

    I am wondering how to set up assessments in blackboard so the second attempt builds on the first (this was a function with moodle). In the TAFE sector grades are either satisfactory or not yet satisfactory. So if a st...
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  • Collaborate Whiteboard - Live Tablet Device

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good tablet device that Collaborate can support to allow instructors to use the Whiteboard live during Collaborate sessions. We are using a Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet at the m...
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  • Database name issue

    I am in the process of upgrading our SH server from SP9 to current release. It is on April 2014 and it was discovered that the BBLEARN database was in recovery but the application was functioning as expected we were a...
    created by jb0053663
  • Gamification

    How have you included gamification in your courses? I am interested in hearing from community colleges that have included gamification in their courses particularly in the area of STEM or Sustainable Energy.  I l...
    created by tr0049364