• Fill in the Blank range

    I'm having trouble with the fill in the blank range for numbers.  It is not accepting any number that is entered. I've tried exact match, acceptable answer and pattern and nothing works.  It would also be he...
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  • Question over Ninject, ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework

      Hi all, I am wondering what is the best way to setup Ninject, ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework? Normally (without Ninject) I would create my solution by separating the MVC project from Data project and thi...
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  • 2019 SLATE Conference

    10/2/19 1:00 PM
    Five reasons to attend the 2019 SLATE Conference...   Educational Opportunities: No matter how experienced you are, everyone can learn. Often being isolating, and without exposure to a variety of points of view, ...
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    2019 SLATE Conference
  • Breakout Groups in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

    Hi: I am an instructional designer at Austin Community College and we are working with faculty who want to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.  I have a question about using the Breakout rooms. (I have already don...
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  • How can I go about creating a question type for a Blackboard test?

    Hey all! I am looking for a way to create a question type for a blackboard test. The idea of the question type would be that I would be able to integrate a external chemistry learning tool so that students can use tha...
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  • But I Submitted It!

    I have been a modest Blackboard user. Discussion boards in upper-division classes and blogs for internships. In lower-division class, my Blackboard usage is dominated by textbook package of quizzes and other online ac...
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  • Premium Video App: Thumbnails?

    Hey BB and BBlings alike.   So first, thanks for posting the new Premium Video app by My VR Spot. As far as a tool for posting videos to a page, this one takes the task and makes it easy. Any teacher out there s...
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  • Adding "Existing Users"

    In the new course sites environment, are we going to be given the ability to add "existing users" into a course? Currently, we only have the ability to create or invite.   Best, Tom Grosso
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  • Coursesites Bug

    I just wanted to let you know I am unable to register for the new Coursesites because when I hit the submit button, get an error message: An Error occurred
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  • plagiarism checker SafeAssign

    Since a few weeks the plagiarism checker in Blackboard, SafeAssign, will not work. I always get the message: "An unexpected error has occurred. For reference, the Error ID is: 2520fd86-2a13-4f37-93aa-6c27f8545a3c." Wh...
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  • Texas Blackboard Users Group (T-BUG) Conference

    11/2/17 9:00 AM
    Join us this fall for the annual T-BUG Conference. We have a great event planned and would love to see you all. General Conference: November 2-3 Blackboard Specialty Training: Tuesday, October 31, 2017 – Wedn...
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    Texas Blackboard Users Group (T-BUG) Conference
  • help

    I cant find my school
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  • How to Assign Grader in Test (like delegated grading for assignments)

    Hi,   We have explored all the options but not succeed on assigning the grader for particular test and when grader login to grade the test he/she can see only that particular test for grading and no other grada...
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  • ANZ User Group (April/May)

    ANZ (Australia/New Zealand) User Group: Please give a round of applause to our latest BUG of the Month group, the ANZ BUG! They’ve been around for a while, created October 22, 2015, and thanks to their fearles...
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  • MoCo User Group (February/March)

    MoCo (Mobile/Collaborate) User Group: One of the newest BUGs is making a big splash. The MoCo User Group was founded by Sarah Sherman and Peter Rayment, and was created on February 1st 2017. The group already has 111...
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  • Michigan User Group (December/January)

    Michigan Blackboard User Group The MiBUG (Michigan Blackboard Users Group) was established by Donna Wicks and Jon Kowalski of Kettering University in 2002. A lot has happened in MiBUG’s brief history, including ...
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  • French-Speaking User Group (August/September)

    French-Speaking Blackboard User Group The French-Speaking BUG is a direct product of the Community Site. Blackboard’s presence in France grew significantly after a framework agreement made it possible for more ...
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