• Progress Bar?

    A faculty member posed this question...any takers?   I’m looking for a way to build in a progress bar for each week in a course. For example, if a student needs to watch 1 video and 2 learning objects for ...
  • Fill in the Blank range

    I'm having trouble with the fill in the blank range for numbers.  It is not accepting any number that is entered. I've tried exact match, acceptable answer and pattern and nothing works.  It would also be he...
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  • Hot Topics – Blackboard World 2019 Recap

    Greetings everyone for another round table with our Blackboard experts. This week we review Blackboard World 2019 in Austin, Texas. The discussion covers various topics and conversations from the conference. Need a re...
    Terry Patterson
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  • The Marvelous Mister DevCon - An Interview with Scott Hurrey

    We continue the focus on Blackboard World this month with an interview with Mr. DevCon, Scott Hurrey Scott has been with Blackboard for many years. In this episode, we learn about his history with the company, which m...
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  • The Wonderful Wizards of Blackboard World

    After a break during the US Independence Day week, we are back. This month we focus on the upcoming Blackboard World event in Austin, Texas. This episode welcomes Marissa Carrillo and Vivek Ramgopal who help plan the ...
    Terry Patterson
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  • Hot Topics - Blackboard Gets The MVP Experience

    After a bit of a delay, we have brought you an episode fit for all in the Blackboard Community. Five Blackboard MVPs take on the Ultra and Original experiences. The good, the bad, and the honest come out of our round ...
    Terry Patterson
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  • Guest access in Blackboard Learn 9.1

    Hello, I have developed a resource in Articulate Rise and I want to give access to our potential new learners, but without any additional logging.   We are using Blackboard Learn 9.1 and our platform is cloud-ho...
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  • The Wades of Spades - Part 2

    Our two part series with the two Wades of Blackboard wraps up this week. Wade Weichel with Product Management talks about his background and role in helping shape Blackboard. We learn how studying Journalism helps his...
    Terry Patterson
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  • The Flipped Interview - Talking to a Behind the Scenes Blackboard Guru

    This week Casey Eubank turns the interview tables on our third Blackboard Chalk Talk host, Terry Patterson. Learn about what he's been up to in at Austin Community College, where to go during BbWorld 2019 in Austin, w...
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  • The Wades of Spades - Part 1

    This is the first of two interviews with Blackboard's Wades of Spades, Wade Fields and Wade Weichel. Both are Product Managers for two different experiences of Blackboard Learn. This week, we talk with Wade Fields who...
    Terry Patterson
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  • Bb Chalk Talks - Hot Topics - Blackboard Kicks Box to the Curb

    This is the inaugural edition of our Hot Topics round table discussions. These include a group of members from the Blackboard Community talking about one or two topical events or issues within our community. This edit...
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  • The Role of Blackboard Admin - An Interview with Casey Eubank

    This episode puts another podcast host in the interviewee seat as Casey Eubank talks about his interests and challenges as a Blackboard administrator at Wichita State University - Tech and learn one of his favorite ho...
    Terry Patterson
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  • A Texas-Sized Conversation with Letitia Davis

    This week we visit with the newest member of the Blackboard Chalk Talks host family, Letitia Davis. We learn about what brought her into educational technology, her ideas for podcast episodes, and what she enjoys abou...
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  • The Qwick Popularity of Qwickly with Matt Hadgis and John DiGennaro

    We are back for another season of interesting discussion and topics about Blackboard and educational technologies. This first episode welcomes Matt Hadgis and John DiGennaro, co-founders of Qwickly. We talk about the ...
    Terry Patterson
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  • Delegated grading: Return to grader instead of reconciling

    I am using anonymous, delegated grading of assignments. As the final grader I would like to choose not to reconcile a grade (since the marker has left something out!) but rather to return it to the marker for regradin...
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  • PPT loading error in Collaborate

    Hi, all.   I am desperately trying to troubleshoot an error I keep getting when uploading PPT slides in Collaborate. I have had no problems in the past, but suddenly this week I keep getting an error: "failure c...
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  • 2019 SLATE Conference

    10/2/19 1:00 PM
    Five reasons to attend the 2019 SLATE Conference...   Educational Opportunities: No matter how experienced you are, everyone can learn. Often being isolating, and without exposure to a variety of points of view, ...
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    2019 SLATE Conference
  • How can I go about creating a question type for a Blackboard test?

    Hey all! I am looking for a way to create a question type for a blackboard test. The idea of the question type would be that I would be able to integrate a external chemistry learning tool so that students can use tha...
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  • Lab Feedback

    Morning,   I was asked by one of our Cyber Engineering Instructors this AM if their was a way to for students to receive feedback while they were taking a Lab Assignment.  The Instructor doesn't want the st...
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  • Episode 6 - Virtual Reality and More with Bob Small

    This week's episode wraps up the interviews from Blackboard World 2018. Our guest is Bob Small, a software engineer with Blackboard. He mostly works with Blackboard Transact, but has a special place in his human hard ...
    Terry Patterson
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