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Our two part series with the two Wades of Blackboard wraps up this week. Wade Weichel with Product Management talks about his background and role in helping shape Blackboard. We learn how studying Journalism helps his current position and his work with IMS Global. Sit back for an engaging conversation on this edition of Blackboard Chalk Talks.


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We've been on a roll the past few weeks talking about what we hope to cover in our podcast episodes this year. You've heard our thoughts and now we want to hear yours. Please comment on this post with what ideas, topics, and interviews you want to hear us discuss. If you don't want to post the idea in a comment feel free to use our website, or email Thank you for your help!

This week Casey Eubank turns the interview tables on our third Blackboard Chalk Talk host, Terry Patterson. Learn about what he's been up to in at Austin Community College, where to go during BbWorld 2019 in Austin, what he's interested in interviewing others about, why he's considering writing again, and why tacos are a great breakfast food. Intriguing conversation is the plan with this week's edition of Blackboard Chalk Talks!




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This is the first of two interviews with Blackboard's Wades of Spades, Wade Fields and Wade Weichel. Both are Product Managers for two different experiences of Blackboard Learn. This week, we talk with Wade Fields who works on the Blackboard Learn Ultra experience. Check out his insights and background on this week's edition of Blackboard Chalk Talks. 

This is the inaugural edition of our Hot Topics round table discussions. These include a group of members from the Blackboard Community talking about one or two topical events or issues within our community. This edition focuses on Box and the planned replacement of New Box View by Blackboard. We have a great group of folks who bring their experiences, thoughts and (happily) their opinions to this extended edition of Bb Chalk Talks.



This edition's guests include:



Corrie Bergeron - Instructional Designer at Lakeland Community College
Casey Eubank - Learning Management Systems Administrator at WSU Tech
Ricki Hodges Neri - Blackboard Administrator at Sam Houston State University
Helen Keier - Associate Director for Learning Management Systems, John Jay Online 
John Lane - Director, Technology Learning Services at University of Houston-Downtown
Carolyn Ponce - Coordinator of Distance Education, Arkansas State University
Mark Reynolds - Senior Application Specialist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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This episode puts another podcast host in the interviewee seat as Casey Eubank talks about his interests and challenges as a Blackboard administrator at Wichita State University - Tech and learn one of his favorite hobbies. So get ready as we bring up the curtain on this edition of Blackboard Chalk Talks.


Listen at: 

This week we visit with the newest member of the Blackboard Chalk Talks host family, Letitia Davis. We learn about what brought her into educational technology, her ideas for podcast episodes, and what she enjoys about Blackboard World. So put on your virtual ten-gallon hat for a Texas-sized chat on Blackboard Chalk Talks. Find more about Letitia on our conversations page.


Link to the episode: 

We are back for another season of interesting discussion and topics about Blackboard and educational technologies. This first episode welcomes Matt Hadgis and John DiGennaro, co-founders of Qwickly. We talk about the development of Qwickly from a free building block to a major tool in the edtech space. Matt and John also discuss the development of their company and how they help steer the company's future. Learn more about their product at

This week's episode wraps up the interviews from Blackboard World 2018. Our guest is Bob Small, a software engineer with Blackboard. He mostly works with Blackboard Transact, but has a special place in his human hard drive for Virtual Reality. He developed this virtual reality for K12 and higher education. Take a look at an example he recorded and posted to YouTube,


Listen to the podcast:

This edition of Blackboard Chalk Talks we have the wonderful Carolyn Ponce. She is the Blackboard administrator at Arkansas State University. We caught up with her at Blackboard World 2018.

After a hiatus following Blackboard World, We are back with another interview for Bb Chalk Talks. This time our friend and knower of all things Blackboard Community, Marissa Dimino joins us. We ask her how to she came to her job at Blackboard, her favorite part of the Blackboard Community site, and learn about her four-legged child. This interview was recorded at Blackboard World in the Community Live area. As proof, Casey had a Blackboard employee take a picture of us during the interview.



Back over to the UK digitally in this episode. We talk with Chris Boon from City College Norwich, pronounced n -O-r-i-dge (rhymes with porridge). We learn he has an interesting history with online education and training and more about the definition of a City College in the UK. He also shares the various ways he helps the Blackboard Community and his recent membership into the Blackboard MVP program. We will also learn about his personal life and the possibilities of a Blackboard Community Band? If that doesn't make you want to listen, I'm not sure what will. Click the link below.


Listen to this Podcast Episode


Editor's Note: The quality of this recording is a little lower than we normally want to use. Please excuse us, as we continue to find the best recording options for our podcast. Thanks!

This episode we talk with University of Southhampton's Matt Deeprose. Our conversation touches on several topics such as how Matt became a Virtual Learning Environment administrator. How he created his infamous Upgrade Club discussion on the Blackboard Community site. We will also learn more about the community happenings in the UK and Europe. There's so much more to discuss, but just click the link below.


Listen to the Podcast Episode


Podcasting Note: We had promised an interview with Marissa Dimino but due to technical issues with the recording we will be bringing you that episode in the near future.

Learning About the Blackboard MVP Program with Emmah Schramke


This week Casey and Terry chat with Emmah Schramke, Senior Manager of Client Programs at Blackboard. We discuss the MVP Program along with Blackboard User Groups and other programs Emmah works with. We will also learn about Emmah’s personal interests and hobbies and her recommendations when visiting DC.


You can find Emmah on the Blackboard Community website or follow her on Twitter.


Podcast link: