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e-assessment with Bb

Posted by mbrenner Oct 28, 2016

We in the Univeristy of Gävle in Sweden have used Bb since 1998 (Then the was the first web2.0 LMS...), and from 2001 we hade Bb om our own servers. From 2015 we have Bb Learn on Manage Hosting with Bb Mobile Learn and integration with and with EBSCO Curriculum Builder.


We use e-assessement fully with Bb, even online assessment/e-exam with the Test-tool.


I myself have written en report, published in December 2015 about E-assesment/E-exam calld Datoriserad tentamen, your can read and download the report here: Datoriserad_Tentamen_Slutrapport2015_arkiv160107.pdf - Box


I remain.


/Mats Brenner, ICT-educator University of Gävle - Learning Center as Bb Admin.




We are now testing the system AB Tutor (Classroom Management System) in combination with Bb Learn. The students will only have the possibility to write the e-exam in a Word-file and then in the end of exam session hand in the document file to Bb Learn > Assignment. They will be able to do this - the essay question type in the online-Test-tool not fully support to write long text and then to do the examination (with rubrics and so on..). The students will use computers in computer classroom. We use now online-test with Bb (question types that auto-corrected) with large volumes of students, example 160 examinees at the same time!


I will report/blogg further on.




I have proposed in the Bb idea exchange today this: Essay question have to be saved as "Google Docs"-type and i propose Bb do this, integrate with and Box Note - so we can have e-exams high stake essay questions with the Bb Test-tool:


The problem is that the essay question in the Test-tool does not accept that student do a high stake longer written e-exam in Bb now. We have to have a question that save the text automatic (as in Google Docs and in I propose a light integration with (function Box Note) so the student can write online and the text is saved accurate 5-10 sec. This new Assignment or Test-question type is easy to implement for all parts, Bb, and the Customer.


Now many of Bb customers have to have additional costly e-exam system as complement - dependence on one more system i a problem for grading, marking and handling the studenter exams and assigment, is not a good solution.


Please investigate this easy solution and solve this problem with and launch this solution within 2018 or at latest in early spring 2019.


I remain.


/Mats Brenner, Bb Admin - University of Gävle (customer sinch 1998 with Bb Course Site and now Bb Learn..)