What's Your Problem? - New Episode

Blog Post created by aauthier on Jan 9, 2017

Last month, I posted about a professional development web series my fellow ID's and I started at Schoolcraft College called What's Your Problem?. I also promised to share new episodes as they came out. So here is the latest:


It's a new year and a new season for What's Your Problem?! For our season 2 premier, we’re tackling a really common complaint – my students don’t read! How many times have you had to ask a confused student - Did you read the directions? – Did you read the chapter? – Did you see the Announcement? When we’ve taken such great care to provide students with all of the information they need to be successful, it can be frustrating when they seem not to take advantage of it. And, while it’s easy to chock this problem up to pure student laziness – it can actually be a much more complicated issue than that. In fact, there are several factors that influence whether or not students will read - and comprehend – the material presented in your course. Fortunately, we have some simple tips to help you identify and combat these factors – ultimately reducing student confusion, and your own frustration.


Also remember, you can always revisit current and previous episodes on our What's Your Problem? YouTube channel.


Thanks for watching!