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WYP_S1_Bulletin2.jpgAbout a year ago,  Jason KaneKaylynn Mortensen, and I started thinking about new and interesting ways we could bring meaningful professional tips and tricks to our online faculty that were both engaging and easily digestible. At that point in time, we were offering occasional, hour-long, lecture-style workshops that were normally well-attended, but sporadic. Outside of those workshops, faculty seeking help would stop by our office with one-off questions or concerns that we would address for them individually. We often found these quick meetings raised very good questions that could be easily answered in a few minutes. Jason Kane noted one day that I would often reply "Sure, what's your problem?" when faculty peeked in and asked if we had a minute to answer a question. And from there, the idea to bring these short, practical conversations to our faculty through a series of short videos was born. The idea was to create short, engaging, on-demand videos that provided solutions to some of the biggest "problems" faculty face when teaching online. And while it took a while to get it just right, we recently reached the end of our first full season and are happy to say that the series was extremely well-received across campus. As such, I wanted to share our Season 1 Recap with the Bb Community. Please enjoy our first four episodes below (as well as a little blooper reel from the "early days"). We hope you will find it to be informative and entertaining. Enjoy!


Episode 1: Cheating

Episode 2: Student Resistance

Episode 3: Managing Your Workload

Episode 4: Balancing the Technical with the Teaching

Season 1 Thank You and Bloopers


Season 2 is already in the works and will premier beginning in January 2017. Please feel free to subscribe to our channel and share these with whoever you think may benefit from them.


Thank you,