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Did you know that you can leverage your Blackboard Community license to provide a one-stop resource for faculty when it comes to all things Blackboard? At SHSU we have created a Faculty Central tab that only those with the role of Faculty in the system can see.  The tab itself leverages sub-tabs link-tabs and html modules to provide our online, hybrid and face-to-face faculty the tools and resources they need to be successful when they use Blackboard. Below you will find a screen grab of our Faculty Central sub-tab structure with descriptions as well as screen grabs of our Faculty Central landing page and three sub-tab examples.




Faculty Central Tab

The Faculty Central landing page contains 2 columns and 5 HTML modules that give SHSU faculty access to important forms, preview information (like advertisements) for other important Faculty Central sub-tabs and an RSS feed of our departmental newsletter.  Note we also use a Header Module to add an aesthetic title to our top-level and sub-tabs.



Each of the sub-tabs uses HTML modules to tell a story about the services and resources we offer our faculty.


Sub-tab Example 1 - Faculty Development

With the Faculty Development sub-tab we wanted to provide a convenient way to see the kinds of technology how-to sessions and delivery methods that we offer SHSU faculty and staff.   It contains not only a to our how-to session sign-up page, but information on all the sessions that we offer, and how to sign up for a one-on-one appointment. We used a two-column layout with a total of three modules. This sub-tab uses 2 columns and 4 modules.



Sub-tab Example 2 - eLearning Blog (Link-tab)

Clicking on this Faculty Central sub-tab opens up the SHSU Online Faculty Support blog.  This eLearning blog provides informative posts on eLearning best practices, monthly faculty development updates, Blackboard news and more. (Note: it opens our entire blog page in the bottom portion of the page while leaving the tabular navigation of Blackboard at the top.)


Sub-tab Example 3 - Contact Us page
Clicking on the Contact Us sub-tab connects the faculty member to their college-appointed instructional designer. It also provides contact information for the faculty development team and the Blackboard administrator.  For this sub-tab we used a 1 column tab - 1 HTML module layout to make use of the space.


Hopefully this brief foray into one way SHSU Online is leveraging Blackboard Community will inspire you to find ways to use it at your institution.    Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.


Jacob Spradlin

Associate Director, Instructional Technology Support Services
SHSU Online