Calling all Blackboard Bloggers

Blog Post created by rreiss on Jul 8, 2016

The Community Corner is different because it features content created by all members, for all members. It is conversational.  Collaborative. Creative.  And brings together educators, developers, system administrators, parents, instructional designers, and other customers in a way that promotes meaningful discussion and exchange of ideas.



Blogging won't bite.

To the inexperienced writer, blogging may seem daunting.  Do any of the common blogging fears below seem familiar? Check out why they're false:

  • I do not know if I have the time to keep up with it
    • We aren't asking you to start a blog, simply to contribute the occasional post or two.  That being said, if you have a lot to write about and want to start up a blog series, go for it.  But if you just want to feature a one-time guest post, we welcome that, too.
  • What if my ideas are met with criticism and negative judgment?
    • The Blackboard Community prides itself on being a place of open expression and thought leadership.  Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo or introduce new ideas - it's what we're all about and you may discover other members who share in your opinions.
  • What if nobody responds to my posts?
    • Oftentimes, responses cannot be gauged as a measure of value since people may not feel empowered to respond in the first place.  If you are hoping to create conversation around your topic, then perhaps make mention of it in one of the Community groups, and link out to your post from there.
  • I don't know what to write about
    • Check out the ideas for topics below


Having Topic Trouble?


How to generate ideas:

  • Monitor the discussion boards.  See what's trending.  What people want to know. Some threads are pretty robust, and can serve as a great segue into your post.
  • What questions aren't being answered? 
  • Check out popular posts on competitor sites
  • Consider the time of year (Back to school?  End of semester? BbWorld season?)


Tips for Topics:

  • Events or experiences involving Blackboard
  • "Day in the Life"
  • Your Career Path
  • Competency Based Education
  • Infographics (share the infographic within the post)
  • Blended learning - and what does that mean for everyone


One of the key ways we're creating conversations is through member-contributed blog posts.  Where there is member contribution, there must be member interaction. To encourage these interactions, blog posts musts be engaging, dynamic, and relevant - to all audiences.  How do you, a specialist in your field, achieve this universal relevance? Broadening your readership goes beyond diluting the jargon and occurs largely as a result of what you write about, rather than how you write it.  So, as a developer, it isn't necessarily about helping educators who don't "speak geek" understand what a new software update entails, but how this new software update will benefit students and impact their classroom achievement.  It's the big picture.


Have more ideas?  Comment here!  We look forward to reading your posts...happy blogging.