• Students personal id:s in Blackboard?

    Hello everyone! Does some of you have students personal id:s as a column in Grade Center? We sometimes have problems that the students names differ between Ladok and Blackboard, and that causes problems for our teach...
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  • Tool for Course Evaluation?

    Hi everyone! We now use Blackboards survey for course evaluations, but we think it is not good enough as a survey tool, there is some important functionality missing. So, I start here with you, to ask what tool you ...
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  • Using Ally to support blinde students 

    Is there anyone using Ally who has experienced how Ally handles pdf-files protected from copying? A blinde student is having trouble with this kind of files because her screenreader is not capable to read the content.
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  • Urkundsintegration?!?

    Urkundsintegration har varit på tapeten sedan jag började att arbeta med BB för sju år sedan. Säljare på Urkund har lovat att det ska komma ungefär lika länge. Är det n&...
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  • Svensk rättstavning (spell checker)

    Hej! Vilket svenskt rättstavningspaket har ni kopplat till er editor i era Blackboardinstallationer? Just nu har vi bara eng (brittisk), eng(amerikans) och spanska, men vill lägga till svensk rättstav...
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  • GDPR and information to users

    Hi everyone! I guess many of you are currently thinking about implications for your Blackboard instance in relation to GDPR. We have been in contact with Blackboard regarding userdata and asked for clarification about...
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  • Course availability and grades

    Hi everyone! I'm interested to know if someone from this community follow the same practice as Dalarna regarding course availability. We have a middleware that teachers can use for creating courserooms in Blackboard, ...
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  • "I have a dream..." - of a Scandinavian User Conference in Blackboard - arranged by users

    I work at NTNU in Norway and in my previous job (Fronter) I was a member of the team arranging user conferences for the lecturers using Fronter as LMS. . Now, I am very much involved into Blackboard at our universit...
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  • Anyone going to TLC2018 in Manchester?

    My colleague Eva and I (from Uppsala university) are going to Manchester April 9-12 and are curious if anyone else in this group will be there. And will there be a meeting with the Scandinavian user group this year, a...
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  • Integration question: deleting enrolments deletes student data

    Hi guys, hoping you can share a little bit about your integration setups.   Initially, we build our integration to delete enrolments if a student de-registers for a course. I.e. the enrolment disappeared from ou...
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  • Delegated Administration?

    Hi, Anyone that has experience on delegated administration? We know it can be accomplished in different ways and is interested in hearing your experience e.g. using institutional hierarchy, domain, course categories ...
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  • Where do your students find information? Intranet vs. Bb

    At NTNU, we have an intranet for students and employees, where we post (almost) all links and information on wiki pages and message feeds. The exception has been the (old) learning management system, where each course...
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  • Do you let students enter old courses?

    If so, what is your setup? As I understand it, courses that are expired in time gets unavailable to the students meaning that they can see it but cannot enter. Teachers, however, are able to enter their old courses. A...
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  • Attending the 2017 TLC in Milan?

    Who of you are planning on attending the TLC 2017 in Milan? Would you like us to organize a physical meet-up for the user group the day before the conference this year as well? Feel free to share you thoughts of paper...
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