• design research

    To all Scandinavians: Here is a link were you can sign up for design research possibilities,  https://design.blackboard.com/participate/   - for those interested in adding input to user researach for ong...
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  • Scandinavian User Group - Meeting and Dinner at TLC 2019

    Hi Everyone - just to inform you that we have arranged for the Scandi User Group to have a 3 hour slot in the TLC agenda on the Tuesday morning in Newcastle for a UG meeting. Details on the venue, registration etc wil...
  • LTI tool availability configuration is gone

    In the upgrading process this fall, we discovered that Blackboard has altered the way LTI tools are integrated. Configuring tool availability is no longer possible, and all LTI tools are turned on by default.   ...
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  • Plug your events or conferences!

    Hi guys, and thank you for an excellent user group meeting in Falun this week!   During the meeting, many of us exchanged info on upcoming events like conferences and meetings that we host, which relates to T&am...
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  • Urkund?!?

    Hi, is there someone who has the Urkund / Blackboard integration working? It was quite a while ago Jonas at Urkund promised an integration with BB. Now Jonas has stopped working at Urkund and we haven´t got a n...
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  • Re-building the Course Roster

    Hi everybody, My name is Peter Norberg and I am a system administrator for BB at Dalarna Univerity, a new customer for Blackboard. We are in a very intense phase with configuration and integration and we are aiminig ...
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  • Inline grading

    hello Scandinavians, I am a newly hired solutions engineer at Blackboard, I am located in the south of Sweden (Växjö) and dedicated to the institutions in Scandinavia.   Here is some information abou...
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  • Improving letter grading

    Hi, See my other post for introduction. This is the second discussion post about changes/custom development to the base configuration in Blackboard, that we want to discuss with you.   One of our biggest concer...
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  • TLC Milano - We suggest that you check out a few key terms before we meet on Tuesday

    Hi all   Here at Aarhus University we are looking forward to seeing you at the Bb conference next week.   We have a presentation/workshop as part of the Scandinavian Users Group on Tuesday, in which we wil...
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