All-day event with the Scandinavian User Group Dec 5th

Blog Post created by js0056397 on Oct 23, 2019

We have previously talked about the planned Scandinavian User Group meeting in November. We've talked about having a physical meeting or a web-based one and we've talk about when to have that meeting. We've previously seen that most of you wish to have a web-based gathering this time and myself and Marit have started planning of that.


We've realized that in order to get most out of the meeting and have the best chances of getting participation from all countries and all institutions we have to rethink the date for the meeting. Because of that, we've moved this meeting to December 5th. We propose to still have the previously communicated one-hour Zoom-meeting on November 21st and on that focus on what to fill the agenda with on December 5th.


We create these great meetings together so no matter how good my and Marits ideas for this December meeting, it can never be as good as an agenda that we work together to fill. So, see this and the November meeting as an opportunity to suggest interesting topics of conversation. You can suggest it as a comment to this blog post, email me or Marit or at the November meeting.


Looking forward to reading your suggestions!