Relaunching the user group - win BBTLC Europe conference pass!

Blog Post created by mb0047876 on Sep 26, 2019

Hey all! Joacim and I have been refurbishing the user group for a relaunch this summer. We hope to create an active and rewarding community together, and to help each other make the absolute most of Blackboard. To encourage activity, not just from us 'sysadmin' types but also from teachers in our institutions, we are announcing an activity contest!


We appreciate it if you can help spread the word to both EdTech-types and teachers in your institution



Everyone who writes at least 3 posts or comments in the community up until October 31st is in the draw for the prize. We'll make the draw in November, and the prize is a free BBTLC conference pass for next spring.


What kinds of posts can I make here?

Anything, really. If you are wondering how another teacher or institution has solved a problem you have, go ahead and ask! You're also welcome to just share a status update from your institution or stories from using the technology. Ideas about new functionality or improvements to Blackboard are also well received, and you might just gain some collaboration partners as well.


It's really up to you, and what you would like for this community to be. If you need a place to start, head on over to the introduction thread and tell us who you are.


What else?

A reminder: there are meetings every month where we talk about technology and teaching, with a focus on Blackboard. Most of these meetings are online, and once each term we try to ensure to meet in person. Joacim and I are still working out when the next meeting will be, so stay tuned and respond to the poll when it's posted here on the community site.