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Hi everybody, My name is Peter Norberg and I am a system administrator for BB at Dalarna Univerity, a new customer for Blackboard. We are in a very intense phase with configuration and integration and we are aiminig to go "Live" after the summer break. We are going straight to SaaS with Ultra enabled, but our courses will still be in 9.1 classic,… (Show more)
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My colleague Eva and I (from Uppsala university) are going to Manchester April 9-12 and are curious if anyone else in this group will be there. And will there be a meeting with the Scandinavian user group this year, as we have heard there's been before? It would be so nice to meet you all! :-)
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hello Scandinavians, I am a newly hired solutions engineer at Blackboard, I am located in the south of Sweden (Växjö) and dedicated to the institutions in Scandinavia.   Here is some information about what is going on with the change of the inline grading function, from the crocodoc to the new Box view: this afternoon, at 17:00 CET, there… (Show more)
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hello Scandinavia, Upcoming webinar on the changes for inline grading in Learn. Register beforehand at The webinar will be recorded and I will share the link here on the Scandinavian user group afterwards for those of us still enjoying the holidays at this time.   Hear the latest update and…
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BlackboardProduct Roadshow (information from Gillian Fielding, Customer success advocate)


- DUBLIN -Monday 13th Nov, Trinity College Dublin
- LONDON -Tuesday 14th Nov, Regent's University
- MANCHESTER- Wednesday 15th Nov - University of Manchester
- EDINBURGH- Thursday 16th Nov, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh First
- AMSTERDAM- Friday 17th Nov, De Bazel Conference Centre


Our fullagenda is available on the website with adetailed roadmap update covering all our teaching and learning solutions, Allyand Analytics tools. In the afternoon, we will host breakout workshops streamscovering the following topics:

Stream 1: Electronic Management of Assessment
TheElectronic Management of Assessment (EMA) is becoming increasingly importantfor institutions, both in terms of improving the student learning experience,rolling out innovative assessment models and creating efficiency gains foradministrators and academics. The aim ofthe workshop is to outline the product roadmap for assessment and feedbackworkflows in Blackboard Learn Original experience & Ultra experience,discuss how it has been used, and most importantly gather participants views ofhow it can be further enhanced to meet their institutional needs for EMA.

Stream 2: Accessibility and Inclusivity
Accessibleand inclusive learning is a key priority for many institutions. The purpose ofthe workshop is to share some deeper insights into our experience with implementingALLY. It will also provide an opportunity to participate in usability testingfor upcoming Blackboard Ally features, as well as participate in discussions onhow these can best benefit your institution.

Stream 2.1: Analytics - Student Retention &Student Success
Studentretention, student success and the quality of the student experience are thegoals. Developing students as responsible learners, academics as effectiveeducations, and tutors as effective support professionals is the strategy. Jointhis session to see and hear how Blackboard’s Analytics solutions can provideyou and your institution with the insight and tools to perfect your strategiesfor success. In the firstpart of this session the analytics team will share an overview of our analyticsstrategy & solutions by looking at the practical way that clients are usingour solutions to drive student success and improve the quality of education. Inthe second part of the session, the product managers for the analytics andstudent success solutions will open a discussion on the analytics roadmap andseek your feedback on what we have planned.

Stream 3: Blackboard’s approach to Data Privacy andSecurity
Data privacyand security are crucial in today’s data-driven and connected world. Across theglobe, the focus on data privacy and cyber risks is increasing. The EU has seta new global benchmark with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).In the first half of the roadshow session, Blackboard’s Global Privacy Officer,Stephan Geering, will highlight the key challenges of the GDPR for yourinstitutions and debunk some of the myths that surround the GDPR.

Stephanwill explain how Blackboard uses the GDPR as an opportunity to strengthenBlackboard’s global privacy practices and how Blackboard can support itsClients with GDPR compliance. In the second half of the session, Blackboard’sChief Information Security Officer, Rebecca McHale will present on key attributesof a security program, to include risk governance, protection measures, andincident detection and response practices, to ultimately minimise exposure andinform business risk decisions. As part of this discussion, Rebecca willprovide an overview on Blackboard’s own information security program andefforts to help keep Client information secure. 

For more information contact Gillian Fielding,

Registration via the link below.
Blackboard Product Roadshow - Dublin | London | M...

Blackboard Enhanced Assessment & Feedback Workshop

Hi all

Gillian Fielding, who is Customer Success Advocate at Blackboard and who did a talk on user groups at our user group meeting in Milan asks whether we are interested in Blackboard arranging workshops for us, e.g. one in Sweden and one in Denmark or Norway. Please read the details below and write a comment stating yes or no and if yes, where you would like such a workshop to be held.


Gillian explains: We have run workshops over here in the UK and Ireland and in Amsterdam and thought they might be of interest in Sweden and the Scandinavia group area. It would be free to attendees, the hosts would offer a venue,  and to organise the administration such as a booking system, order refreshments, etc. We would pay for the refreshments (with a budget limit).

Do let me know what you think.

Here is the outline:

Blackboard Enhanced Assessment & Feedback Workshop
The Blackboard Customer Success team are coming to xxx to provide a free workshop -  "Enhanced Assessment and Feedback". This hands on workshop will provide you and your peers with an opportunity to review, analyse and prioritise key institutional assessment and feedback related challenges and opportunities. We will then identify relevant Blackboard solutions and share with you use cases and best practice examples to inspire you use these to best effect.
These workshops are free for Blackboard customers and are being held across regions.  Bring as many colleagues as you like. Places are limited and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Workshop Content:
Assessment and feedback – an institutional perspective
Examination of key drivers and challenges
(Reputations, quality of process, quality of data, legal, business efficiencies, risk etc.)
Placing use cases on a confidence/effectiveness model
Highlight relevant Blackboard solutions

Assessment and feedback – innovation and organizational change
Identifications for drivers for change
Gap analysis of practice and stakeholder experiences
Prioritisation of opportunities for change
Highlight relevant Blackboard solutions

Target audience:
Academic staff, eLearning staff, TEL Champions, staff engaged in quality assurance and curriculum enhancement, Learning Technologists, academic staff developers, etc.


Gillian Fielding
Customer Success Advocate Blackboard Inc.

Hi guys, hoping you can share a little bit about your integration setups.   Initially, we build our integration to delete enrolments if a student de-registers for a course. I.e. the enrolment disappeared from our data file, and we used refresh mode to delete the enrolments that were not present in the file. This would unenrol the student from the… (Show more)
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Hi, Anyone that has experience on delegated administration? We know it can be accomplished in different ways and is interested in hearing your experience e.g. using institutional hierarchy, domain, course categories etc. Soon we will be starting our own analysis but would like to hear your experiences ;o) It could be interesting to hear if you’ve… (Show more)
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