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Jag har sänt in följande till Bb idea exchange: Kompl frågetyp i Testverktyget integrerad med för långa essay-frågor vid digital tentamen:

The problem is that the essay question in the Test-tool does not accept that student do a high stake longer written e-exam in Bb now. We have to have a question that save the text automatic (as in Google Docs and in I propose a light integration with (function Box Note) so the student can write online and the text is saved accurate 5-10 sec. This new Assignment or Test-question type is easy to implement for all parts, Bb, and the Customer.

Now many of Bb customers have to have additional costly e-exam system as complement - dependence on one more system i a problem for grading, marking and handling the studenter exams and assigment, is not a good solution.

Please investigate this easy solution and solve this problem with and launch this solution within 2018 or at latest in early spring 2019.

I remain.

/Mats Brenner, Bb Admin - University of Gävle (customer sinch 1998 with Bb Course Site and now Bb Learn..)
Adaptive Due Date in Assignments

One of the ideas that has come up is how to assign more than one Due Date in Assignments. Some ideas are presented here:

One of the images suggests an option to first assign a "common due date" and then an alternative for selected groups (students)

The other image shows the process where an instructor gives feedback to a student and also assign a due date for the next (corrected) submission.

Any comments here?
Scandinavia at TLC 2018 in Manchester

Just an update so everyone is aware.

There will be a Scandinavian User Group Meeting on Tuesday 10th April in the morning, before the official TLC Kick Off after lunch.

As Johan is not coming to TLC this year and there is a change in the Group leaders, Lena and I on this occasion are helping to facilitate the event - but we need your input for the agenda. So far the team from Aarhus University have asked for a time slot in the agenda and after feedback from various of you, we have arranged input from Mike Ni and Blackboard's Localisation Team about the work going on with language packs and other localisation requirements. But it is your event - so if any institutions have topics they want to present/ discuss during the meeting please send them through to me/ Lena asap so we can get them onto the agenda.

Also as I have been told by many of you, there seems to be a tradition for an Annual Scandinavian User Group Dinner at TLC. This year we plan to hold the dinner on the Tuesday evening. We will email out an invitation to everyone later this week.

But in the meantime come back with your input for the meeting!!!!
Ideas for the assignment tool

At NTNU in Norway we have discussed the assignment. Comments from the lecturers are often targeted on the mandatory use of points/scores which is not typical for our way to assess students work. 

Spending some time on the issues I have a few suggestions I want you to comment. Please note this is draft only, but the main ideas should be very visible.

Image 1:
This shows the "creation image" when you create an assigment: The most important settings show up. It gives the option to select text only, points only or both. In addition number of attempts is by default 3.

In image 2 the 3 last sections are expanded with one new setting included: When to make the grading available to the students.

Please have a look and feel free to make comments or raise any question if you want me to explain a bit more.
    I have added a few changes in this image as a reply to Marcus Emas
      Hi everyone! I'm interested to know if someone from this community follow the same practice as Dalarna regarding course availability. We have a middleware that teachers can use for creating courserooms in Blackboard, they can also set an expiry date for the course when it should be set to Unavailable. In a recent case a teacher did the grading… (Show more)
      in Scandinavian Users Group
      I work at NTNU in Norway and in my previous job (Fronter) I was a member of the team arranging user conferences for the lecturers using Fronter as LMS. . Now, I am very much involved into Blackboard at our university with training, support, creating training materials and so on. I feel that it would be beneficial for many lecturers to have an… (Show more)
      in Scandinavian Users Group
      Hi everybody, My name is Peter Norberg and I am a system administrator for BB at Dalarna Univerity, a new customer for Blackboard. We are in a very intense phase with configuration and integration and we are aiminig to go "Live" after the summer break. We are going straight to SaaS with Ultra enabled, but our courses will still be in 9.1 classic,… (Show more)
      in Scandinavian Users Group
      Hello again scandinavians, On January the 2nd there was a webinar with information about the shift of the inline grading function,   A follow-up webinar is now scheduled about the New Box View:   Thursday 15 feb at 15:00pm CET ("our" time) To participate please register beforehand at     The webinar will be recorded for…
      in Scandinavian Users Group
      My colleague Eva and I (from Uppsala university) are going to Manchester April 9-12 and are curious if anyone else in this group will be there. And will there be a meeting with the Scandinavian user group this year, as we have heard there's been before? It would be so nice to meet you all! :-)
      in Scandinavian Users Group
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