• Collaborate link to the Tuesday meeting?

    Can the link to the Tuesday meeting be posted in the group? I've lost track of it.
    created by ds30756
  • GoReact and SaaS

    Has anyone integrated the GoReact LTI into SaaS? If so, have you run into any issues with it and has it affected any other video integrator like Panopto? Also, do you have administrator access to GoReact? Ha...
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  • IP Addresses to Whitelist for Blackboard Learn SaaS

    Is there anywhere we can get notifications of when new IP addresses to whitelist are added to our region, preferably in advance of when they are made live? We have some integrations which talk directly to other ...
    created by aw21431
  • Institution page - Update Banner Image Error

    Hello Group, While trying to update banner image on institution page on Ultra enabled Test instance, seeing below error. Does anyone encounter this issue? https://www.screencast.com/t/B21KOmCfYzH Thanks, PG North...
    created by pg0076326
  • 3500.0.5 FDO Update - Release Notes???

    Hi all,   Got the notification this morning that 3500.0.5 was being installed on our Staging environment today and would be going into production in two weeks.     Okay.  That's cool, but w...
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  • Outage while enabling Ultra Base Navigation

    Hello All, We enabled Ultra Base Nav on our SaaS Test environment on 3/5/2019 and our environment was down for an hour after pulling the switch. I opened a ticket recently with Blackboard support and they said that ...
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  • What kind of support does Blackboard offer to SaaS clients?

    We are in the beginning planning stages for a potential move to SaaS. One of the major items we are interested in knowing that will help us make a decision is the level of technical and student support provided to Saa...
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  • What's great and not-so-great about SaaS?

    For those of you who have upgraded to SaaS, what are your top 3 benefits and top 3 drawbacks of having made the switch? Thanks in advance for your input! Susan
    created by srichter
  • Did your Staging/Test Instances upgrade to 3500.5.0 last night?

    Per the SaaS Release Schedule for Continuous Delivery (https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Administrator/SaaS/Release_Notes/Learn_SaaS_Release_Schedule#cd_schedule) our staging and test instances should have received re...
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  • Missing Partners in Partner Cloud

    Good afternoon!   Per the 3500.3.0 Release Notes, "An updated version of the Partner Cloud Building Block is bundled with this release." While reviewing the settings for this new B2, I noticed that Jones and Bar...
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  • Enterprise Survey query fails on SaaS test enviroment.

    Hi there. We have been given this query to pull student course evaluation data, but it fails in our SaaS test environment:   select     'BlackBoard_rpter.exe '|| Deployid  ||' '|| Deployname ...
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  • B2 question as we start our SaaS project!

    Got confirmation yesterday that we are moving from MH to SaaS this summer.   It's going to be a tight turnaround so hoping things go smoothly!   I've been checking our third party B2s for a while and I...
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  • B2s in Ultra Course View

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has managed to install B2s in Ultra which were previously used in Learn 9.1 without having to do any modifications?   I've come across this: Preparing Your Building Blocks For Learn...
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  • Moving from FDO to CD

    Good morning! Our institution migrated to SaaS in May. There was initially some disagreement about which deployment option to select and in the end, we went with FDO. I have now been given the green light to move t...
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  • Does anyone have a working SaaS version of the BbStats B2?

    We have version 4.1.2 and it only seems to function with SQL Server and Oracle. Does anyone have a PostgreSQL-compliant version?  Thanks in advance!
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  • Custom HTML Title on SaaS

    Anyone know whether it is possible/practical to customize the [TITLE] tag in Blackboard Learn SaaS (CD) so instead of saying like "Courses - Blackboard Learn", it would say "Courses - My Institution eLearn", etc.? If ...
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  • Custom CSS for login page

    On our self-hosted system, I have a couple modified CSS files to make our login page look like this...     With our move to SaaS, when asked about having my modified CSS files put into /blackboard/docs/th...
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  • Authentication and Login page

    How is your school handling authentication that requires university users to login via one authentication and other users to authentication locally to the Blackboard Learn database? ----------------------------------...
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  • Migration method choice?

    Has anyone gone with the course-by-course migration method , instead of full DB, and regretted it?  Did you more data/content lose than you expected, or too much?
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  • Panopto and SaaS

    Is anyone using Panopto with SaaS?  I'm having trouble confirming that the B2 is compatible with SaaS.  We're currently using the 2017.10.1 Panopto B2.   Any other problems integrating Panopto?
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