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April 16, 2019 - Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Apr 16, 2019

Via Bb Collaborate

Open discussion about dates for updates, pilots, etc.

It was a short meeting, only about 35 minutes.

Thank you all for participating.

The Blackboard Design Team is requesting Input from System Admins.  Please consider the request below and reply to this blog if you are interested, when you are available, and your email address to schedule the time.

If you are uncomfortable posting your email, please send an email of your availability to Kelley MacEwen at



The Content Design team wants to improve how we document Learn user privileges. To do that, we first want to speak with administrators who have experience managing privileges and roles. If you've referred to for help, that's even better!

Who: Administrators who manage privileges at their institutions and have referred to our Help documentation (

What: An interview to gather feedback. We won't be testing you, only having a conversation to learn how you use privileges and the associated help materials.

When: The week of April 15-19 (next week)

Where/How: We'll reach out to schedule a 20-30 minute Collaborate session


Thank you for helping out!


April 9, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Apr 9, 2019

Session today was general questions and answers

Via Bb Collaborate


April 9th Meeting URL

Posted by ks27590 Apr 9, 2019

If the tiny url will not work please use the Guest Collab link

Bb Collaborate


Sorry everyone, Tiny Url is not working well right now!

Via Bb Collaborate

Happy Anniversary!  Our group is now 2 years old!

Today's session featured Kelley McEwan from Blackboard sharing information about release notes and help documentation.


March 26, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Mar 26, 2019

Via Collaborate

Jason Hardin talked about the replacement for Kibana.  He will be back with more updates in 2 weeks.

Wade Fields talked about the re-release of 3600.0.0 without the Student View option (possibility).

For the next meeting we hope to have someone come and speak with us on the deployment of release notes for new versions.


March 19, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Mar 19, 2019

Via Collaborate


Session information included:


March 12, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Mar 12, 2019

Via Bb Collaborate

Session includes:

LTI connection concerns with 3500.11.0 for those on Continue Delivery

3600.0.0 being deployed to Test/Staging Environments

The new B_FACILITATOR role


Via Bb Collaborate

Discussions include:
New re-release of 3500.11.0 into test/staging - new build is 3500.11.0-rel.10+071f567

Designs in Ultra course view.


Via Bb Collaborate

Discussions include found bug of non- system admins being able to access organizations in 3500.11.0.

Saint Mary's College submitted ticket with Support as of 2/26/2019 Tier III is working on it.


Discussion of auto archives in SaaS


Demonstration of Kaltura integration with Ultra Base Nav, Ultra course views, and original course views.

Via Bb Collaborate

General session with discussion of future sessions discussed.

Via Bb Collaborate

Part II of Upgrade Discussion


February 5, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Feb 26, 2019

Via Bb Collaborate

Session featured discussion of latest CD upgrade to 3500.9.0 and the issue of the GradeCenter being unavailable during upgrades.  Improvements for communication of upgrades were discussed.


January 29, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Feb 26, 2019

Via Bb Collaborate

Session featured information on tests and test questions from Original Course View to Ultra Course View via Respondus.  Worked very well!  No smoke, no flames!!!


January 22, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Jan 22, 2019

1. Questions about issues discovered, 3500.9.0 Attendance tool not working in Base Nav and original and Ultra course views

2. New York DSK working well in SaaS

3. Student last access not always reporting correctly

Session via Bb Collaborate