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Via Collaborate

Via Collaborate


Leela Leela Roy, Sr. Technical Project Manger, Marc Nadeau, Sr. Director, Software Engineering

presented to discuss SaaS and future plans.

Via Collaborate

Wade Weichel joined to give updates on Java 11 and Avatar uploads.

Via Collaborate

Information on Alexa Skills shared

Wade Weichel shared updates on developments for the content editor

Via Collaborate


Review of new features and "hiccups" in 3700.14.0 shared.

Via Bb Collaborate 

Wade Fields, Emma Stephens, and Brianna Penney asked for feedback on unavailable students in Ultra Course View

Wade Weichel shared information on JAVA 11 plans.  

This is one you will want to watch!

Via Collaborate

Discussion included:

1. Update on JAVA 11

2. Automatic notifications

3. New Account lock-out coming in in 3700.14.0

Via Bb Collaborate  - 


Discussion on Activity Stream Notifications

Via Collaborate

Discussions about the Assignment tool in original course view and Ultra course view in the web interface and on the app.  A document outlining the differences will be shared later.

Via Collaborate

Julia Miller provided an update of the new inline grading tool called Re:Mark

Technical Preview of Re:Mark is planned for March 2020 and current plan is to include:

RE:Mark - Blackboard's Inline Grading solution is planning to offer by March 2020:

Inline Grading for the Assignments tool in both original course view and Ultra Course View

One will be able to:

  • grade using either the web interface or the Instructor app
  • draw using a stylus or electronic pencil device (Apple Pencil)
  • create comment boxes
  • duplicate comment boxes
  • draw and place arrows
  • duplicate arrows
  • erase last created annotation


Supported file types will include: 

  • Microsoft® Word (DOC, DOCX)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® (PPT, PPTX)
  • Microsoft® Excel® (XLS, XLSM, XLSX)
  • PDF

Via Collaborate

Discussion on the Matching question bug found in 3700.9.0 and currently available in 3700.11.0

Also, information about Matching and Multiple Choice/Answer question type having information "hard-coded" for only students view, no instructor view.

Files illustrating both will be posted in our SaaS Virtual Group area.

Via Collaborate

Discussion on how schools are using Blogs, Wikis and Journals

Via Collaborate

Blackboard team members that regularly join us shared their roles at Blackboard.

Discussion about semester start up and use of Terms.


For our next meeting on September 10th, each participate is asked to attend and share how the following tools are used at your schools:





The discussion will be most helpful for all.