Hey Admins - A Request for Your Input from the Content Design Team

Blog Post created by ks27590 on Apr 11, 2019

The Blackboard Design Team is requesting Input from System Admins.  Please consider the request below and reply to this blog if you are interested, when you are available, and your email address to schedule the time.

If you are uncomfortable posting your email, please send an email of your availability to Kelley MacEwen at kelley.macewen@blackboard.com.



The Content Design team wants to improve how we document Learn user privileges. To do that, we first want to speak with administrators who have experience managing privileges and roles. If you've referred to help.blackboard.com for help, that's even better!

Who: Administrators who manage privileges at their institutions and have referred to our Help documentation (https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Administrator/SaaS/User_Management/Roles_and_Privileges).

What: An interview to gather feedback. We won't be testing you, only having a conversation to learn how you use privileges and the associated help materials.

When: The week of April 15-19 (next week)

Where/How: We'll reach out to schedule a 20-30 minute Collaborate session


Thank you for helping out!