APAC SaaS virtual meetings update

Blog Post created by arossi on Feb 28, 2019

During the past few months we have noticed a decline in the number of participants to the APAC SaaS Virtual Group.  Part of this was because the old meeting invites from last year ended in December 2018, which led some participants to think we were not running the user group this year.  I also suspect that several clients are just busy with the start of the semester, or have already completed their move to SaaS and don't think that joining these calls will be beneficial to them anymore.


We think that these calls will be beneficial to all clients in region and we are committed to get more participants involved.  We are meeting on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

Join us to share your experience and hear more from other administrators from Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


If you are an administrator at an institution that hasn't moved to SaaS yet:

You are missing on a large amount of valuable information.  During these meetings clients share their experience during and after their move to SaaS; what issues they had, how to avoid them, how to plan, and what to expect once on SaaS.


Your institution has already migrated to SaaS and you think this might no longer be beneficial to you?

Join the next few meetings! As more and more clients have already moved to SaaS, the next big step is to enable Ultra.  Hear from other clients what they are planning to do, what issues they are facing and what their success stories are.


Last but most important, Kathy Saville from Saint Mary's College brings in her own experience as one of the first SaaS users.  She's the mind behind this user group and regularly attends both the US and the APAC meetings, keeping us up to date on what is being discussed and presented overseas.


To make sure no one is missing these meetings, I have created events on this group's calendar until the end of 2019.  You can add them directly to your calendar from the Actions menu > Add to Calendar.  Unfortunately you'll have to repeat this for the ~20 individual events.  Alternatively send me an email at and I will forward you the Outlook meeting invites.


Thank you to Schelly Gardner, Roger Murphy, Alice Fage, Lucinda Ramsay, Shen Zhang for joining during the past few weeks/months and being the core of this user group.

Special thanks to Kathy Saville for organizing and leading this group, for joining us during her evenings and for suggesting we try to get more people involved.