May 2, 2018 - Meeting Notes Asia Pacific SaaS User Group Meeting

Blog Post created by arossi on May 6, 2018

Unfortunately we forgot to record the Collaborate session!  The following items were discussed during the meeting:


1. Flexible Deployment Option

During the past few months we have been focusing on Continuous Delivery as it introduces a paradigm shift for most Managed Hosting and self hosted institutions.  While discussing FDO with clients that are migrating to SaaS, however, we realized that the FDO model needs to be discussed further, to make sure that everyone is aware of the impact as part of their move to SaaS.  I will bring this up again during the next few meetings to make sure everything is clear.


2. Shared test plans

Something that Bill (Charles Darwin University) and I discussed during the past few weeks.  Schelly (Southern Cross University) is also on board.

We think that most institutions spend a large amount of time and resources testing core functionalities as part of their upgrades.  This is a huge amount of duplicate work and effectively a waste of resources.  While it is sustainable for 1-2 major upgrades/year, this will not be the case for monthly upgrades with Continuous Delivery

The idea is to come up with a common checklist that clients can contribute to, based on existing test plans that all institutions already have.

The workload could then be spread and shared among the community so each participant only tests a subset of functionalities, and shares the outcome with the others.

This will save time that could be used for testing non-core functionalities like custom integrations.

I will post a separate article/poll to see if anyone else is interested and to come up with idea on how to setup a common work-space (E.g. community site, GitHub..)


3. JSHacks for hiding course availability lock

A new functionality in Q2 2018 allows instructors to make courses available/unavailable, something that most institutions would rather control centrally.  Schelly has been able to hide the using JSHack


4. Voice recording tool - when will it be available?

Announced in the Q2 2018 release notes as available in specific regions.  Initial testing shows that this is not working in Australia, Angelo to follow up internally to find when this will be available in region.


5. Collaborate Ultra conversion issues

Bill (CDU) and Craig (QUT) pointed out that the long delays in uploading/converting documents are causing end users to move to other tools like Zoom.