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Via Collaborate Bb Collaborate

Questions about Course Lists in SaaS.

Via Collaborate Bb Collaborate

Update on York building block in REST API.  Currently not available but testing 3300.2.0 shows the York B2 is working

Review of Course Lists in Ultra demonstrated.

Via Collaborate - Bb Collaborate

This session includes information on the 4-week series on moving to SaaS - Event Registration


Also, Trey Buck shared information and a demonstration on moving from Crocodoc to Box

Additional Resources about Crocodoc to Box may be found at Behind the Blackboard article # 000047618


Crocodoc transition to New Box View:

Release Notes for Inline Grading:

Crocodoc and New Box View Annotation Cases:

Best options for completing a ticket in Behind the Blackboard

Bb Collaborate

This session included a review of Behind the Blackboard and support ticket creation.

Via Collaborate

Bb Collaborate

The meeting included information about queries using the Kibana Visualizer

Thank you Chris Jones from Bb Support for sharing this information.