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Link to Collaborate recording: Bb Collaborate 


Items discussed:

- CD and FDO upcoming updates/upgrades

- Security Advisory - LRNSI-28865 - Remove Trusted User Roles to Mitigate XSS Threats

- Profiles pictures in courses now missing


July 16, 2019 - Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Jul 17, 2019

Via Collaborate

Includes information of member's upcoming BbWorld presentations.

Ya'll come!


July 9, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Jul 9, 2019

Via Collaborate

Steve Bailey from Blackboard introduced Bb Data

Please note LRNSI 28865

Admins should take action immediately


July 2, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Jul 2, 2019

Via Collaborate

Session includes research from Original Course View online test question types to Ultra Course View using Respondus


June 25, 2019 - Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Jun 25, 2019

Via Collaborate

Julia Miller shared an update on inline grading.

Link to Collaborate recording: Bb Collaborate 


Topics discussed:

AWS RDS Postgres Upgrade for SaaS Environments did not go ahead on June 10 and 17.  Waiting for more info from AWS about new schedule

Recent changes introduced by Continuous Delivery on Ultra Nav tiles - checkout the recording for Kathy's demo

Custom Language Pack Displays 10undefined00 Instead of Decimal in Grade Center was fixed on 3700.5.0, currently on CD Test and Staging

Alice is moving to a new role within VUW, she won't be joining the SaaS User Group calls anymore





June 18, 2019 - Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Jun 18, 2019

Via Collaborate 

Misty Cobb the Blackboard Ultra guru shared wonderful information and current resources available to Ultra base nav and Ultra courses views.


June 22, 2019 - Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Jun 11, 2019

Hello all,

Via Collaborate  

Updates and discussion on Tiles vs. Banners

Link to Collaborate recording: Bb Collaborate 


BtBB articles mentioned:  (US)  (US)


Topics discussed:

  • AWS regular 30-minutes maintenance window in SaaS AU is on Tuesdays @ 3am AEST (to be confirmed)
  • AWS RDS Postgres upgrade in APAC (dates to be confirmed)
  • SaaS Flexible Deployment Option EOL
  • JDK 11 rollout (CD in August / FDO in Q4 2019)

June 4, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 Jun 4, 2019

Via Bb Collaborate

Discussion about AWS weekly updates.

As many of your know, there is a bug in 3700.3.0 in the test/staging environments where banner/logo images cannot be updated in the Ultra Base Navigation's Institution page.

Article # 000050739
A fix has been created and is currently going through QA.  There has been some conflicting information as to how this updated version would be pushed out.  I found out late last night if the updated version passes QA, it is currently planned to be pushed out to test/staging environments Friday, May 31, 2019.  Please note, this is the plan.  If the update does not pass its tests, the push may be rescheduled.
As always we are encouraged to watch support bulletins for updates.

May 28, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 May 28, 2019

Via Bb Collaborate

Information about BbWorld scholarships

Discussion of bug in 3700.3.0 in Test/Staging

Clone issues

AWS downtime on Tuesday mornings


Updates will be provided next week.


May 21, 2019 Meeting Notes

Posted by ks27590 May 21, 2019

Via Bb Collaborate 

Discussion included, re-pushes of versions for both CD and FDO.

Kelley MacEwen and Tim Johnson shared updates on privilege documentation

Discussion on the end-of-life for Flexible Deployment Option

Hi everyone, 


Thanks again for your feedback on how we document Learn user privileges on We conducted 10 interviews with administrators and IT professionals from a variety of institutions. You also provided us with different perspectives based on your current Blackboard Learn deployments as well as future plans, such as adoption of the Ultra Experience and Ultra Course View. We really enjoyed learning more about you, your institutions, and how you use our Help site! 


We pulled together your suggestions and we determined a few ways we could improve. Here are the plans we’ll be working on in the near-term: 

  • Help topic improvements: 
  • Provide a “getting started” page to bring together the context, approaches, and impact of updating privileges and roles. 
  • Evaluate how we link between pages and update where it’s lacking. 
  • Spreadsheet improvements: 
  • Clearly show groups of privileges and provide a better way to sort based on this information. 
  • Add a column to show if a privilege applies to Original and/or Ultra. 
  • Add descriptions for all privileges. 


You also provided some great suggestions about how we could improve the experience in the product. We’ve shared that with our colleagues to consider how it aligns with future development plans. 


The Content Design team strives to help you and your communities teach and learn confidently with Blackboard products. We value your feedback and thank you again for participating in our project! We hope to see you at BbWorld, where we have more plans to test and discuss our help content with you. 


Have a great week, 

Kelley MacEwen 

Sr. Content Designer 


Link to the recording: Bb Collaborate