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Users share they institutions upgrades and migrations - Collaborate Recording

Bb Collaborate

Thanks everyone for joining the call today.  Along with individual clients' updates topics we touched briefly on the recent issues, now resolved, with production Postgres ugrades and a potential workaround to users in China having issues to access content on SaaS systems.


Link to the Collab recording: Bb Collaborate

Link to the Collab recording: Bb Collaborate

Via Collaborate

Marc Nadeau, Blackboard Engineering shared information on the Assessment/Mobiles issues with 3400.11.0 CD.

Julia Miller shared information on methods for searching Behind the Blackboard

Migration questions were shared.

Via Collaborate


Discussion of concerns with the first version of 3400.11.0


Chris Dixon provided an update on reports and logs plans


Trey Buck provided an update on new reports in Safe Assign

Via Collaborate


Dan Stoffel from Northern Arizona University provided an update on their migration to SaaS. 

They have experienced many challenges.

Chris Dixon shared updates on changed to Kibana logs and reports.

The work and conversations with us will continue.

(8/23) Two reports the link doesn't work so we will call it a fail.

Chris will be back in a couple of weeks with more updates.

Via Collaborate

Wade Fields share an inside look at how ideas transform to product features.

Via Bb Collaborate

Chris Dixon and Kris Stokking joined up today to talk about needs for logs and reports to best support the needs of our instructors, students, and administration.

Both with be joining us on August 21st for an update.

If you think of any additions please add them below.

Recap of BbWorld 2018

Via Bb Collaborate

Thanks everyone for joining today's meeting.  This is the link to the Collab recording