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Via Bb Collaborate

Chris Dixon and Kris Stokking joined up today to talk about needs for logs and reports to best support the needs of our instructors, students, and administration.

Both with be joining us on August 21st for an update.

If you think of any additions please add them below.

Recap of BbWorld 2018

Via Bb Collaborate

Thanks everyone for joining today's meeting.  This is the link to the Collab recording

Collaborate recording Bb Collaborate

Shared via Bb Collaborate

Update on FDO 3400.0.1

and for CD 3400.5.0 (slide deck has the number wrong... I mistyped...sorry ! )

Via Bb Collaborate

Update on 3400.0.1 for FDO clients.

Via Bb Collaborate

Kathy provided an update on her inquires about Q2 2018 3400.0.1 being available on test/staging environments prior to the first round of FDO customers being moved to Q2 2018 Production May 18, 2018.

Via Bb Collaborate

Jason Hardin provided an update on the upcoming Q2 2018 3400.0.1 for FDO clients.