Qwickly Attendance Pro Update - Fall 2019

Blog Post created by mh29919 on Oct 28, 2019


Enterprise attendance reporting is becoming a bigger priority as each semester passes. If you’re in this situation, now is a perfect time to take another look at Qwickly Attendance Pro.

We’ve been busy at work adding new reports, data points and reporting views that are the most frequently requested by our clients. Today, we are excited to share the availability of a number of new features. 

If you are already using Qwickly Attendance LTI for Blackboard Learn, Canvas or D2L Brightspace, you can start a trial of Qwickly Attendance Pro at any time to preview it, using your school's actual data. Just send us a message and we can get a trial setup for you within a day.  If you’re not already using Qwickly Attendance LTI, we can also get a trial of that set up for you. 


Newest Features


Student Groupings
Easily report on categories of students such as athletes, financial aid recipients, at-risk students, international students or any other group important to your reporting needs.

Students can be added to an unlimited number of groups.



Course Groupings


Like student groupings, course groupings allows you to report on courses in a set. Group

courses by academic major, campus, instruction style, or make a group of courses with

mandatory attendance.



Instructor Reporting
Qwickly Attendance Pro now has a brand new reporting bucket to view course

performance by the instructor teaching the course.Choose from a list of instructors

or search by name. 



Additional New Updates


Student First Date of Attendance
A student's last date of attendance in any course has always been a part of Qwickly Attendance Pro; now we've added student's first date of attendance for each course also.


Grade Speed Importance Update
We have increased efficiency of grading in large courses: grades pushed back to Blackboard, Canvas or Brightspace are now kicked off in a separate thread, seeming nearly instantaneous to your end users. Multi-threaded processing allows multiple requests to grading APIs simultaneously. Watch a demo >>



On-Demand Webinar


Getting Started with Institutional Attendance Reporting with Qwickly Attendance Pro
Learn more about the features of Qwickly Attendance Pro through our on-demand webinar. Available to watch now!