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There has been some discussion in the Idea's section of the Moodlerooms Community about being able to set the resource box size for files in SNAP to be full-width. Though there isn't an option to choose the width, you can adjust the width of ALL or specific types of resources boxes using the following CSS code in the SNAP Custom CSS option box in… (Show more)
in Moodlerooms Community
The Moodlerooms Forum currently defaults to the basic editor, and students and instructors have to click the "Use advanced editor and additional options" link to open the advanced editor.  This is burdensome and users often forget to click this link.  This results in work being lost, and, notably, it is impossible to enter HTML code in the basic…
One of the "selling points" of SNAP is its mobile-first design, as well as the ability to locate any item in previous or future sections simply by clicking on the Search icon in the Table of Contents, typing in the first few letters of the item's name, and selecting the suggested search result to navigate straight to the item.   However, when…
We are using the PLD commands extensively at the Montana Digital Academy. We have found additional data pulls that would be useful to our organization.   Under Conditions Tab: Actions to be triggered off of due date field of assignment Actions to be triggered off of submission date field of assignment   Under Actions Tab: Send Email Action -…
For those that want to add a bit more jazz to some special courses you can add a dynamic background by embedding a video behind the page. The screen grabs above based on code I found on the web ages ago here: FullScreen YouTube Video Background In Pure CSS  and then modified here:   … (Show more)
in Moodlerooms Community
I have a query that works on Navicat. I'm trying to locate a specific bit of text (in base 64 encoding below) in a block that is imported into courses as a template. This is so I can workout which courses have been templated.   The query below work fine on my dev site..But in the  Admin SQL it returns "The SQL entered is not supported by this… (Show more)
in Moodlerooms Community
I am submitting this idea on behalf of TAFE SA.   Currently the Admin Reports (part of Moodlerooms Reports) is only accessible by Site Administrators. This presents a problem if you want to selectively select roles to have access to this feature.   It is proposed that access to this feature should be defined by a Moodle capability that can set at…
We would like the window width sizes/frame separator line in Joule Grader to remember its last position set forth by the user. At this time, the separator line snaps back to default when one moves from grading one thing to another.  
When using the "view inline" option to review a document in Joule Grader users notice that the vertical and horizontal scrollbars are missing.   If you have one of the mice that allows you to "scroll" without the use of the scrollbars, you can scroll down but the scroll side to side (horizontal scroll) does not work.   This issue seems to be…
Please bring back an autofill option.  This was taken away with the Joule Grader and it was such a time saver!
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