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Add the "XX new posts" notification previously visible on the 3.2 Dashboard to the course tiles under My Courses for instructor roles rather than display the progress bar, which is only meaningful to student participation.
Allow users to configure the order that deadlines/grading/messages/forum posts appear under My Courses, primarily because many instructors want to see new (unread) posts more prominently, followed by items to be graded, etc.
I would recommend to add a button for underlining text in the text editor in the Snap theme. Now there are only buttons for Bold and Italic.
Please make it possible for course builders/teachers etc. to change the font size in the Snap theme. Now the only possibilities are Headings and Paragraph text. However, the size of these paragraph text can't be changed easily, only by using HTML. That's not a way teachers understand, so I would recommend to develop a button for changing the font…
Hi folks! Back from a little traveling hiatus and I wanted to share some quick notes about the MP2 updates to the H5P plugin in Moodlerooms.   1) Grades Support Enhanced. Originally the H5P activity had a somewhat mysterious internal setting for the grade it would publish to the grade book in Moodle. Now it has more normal support for grades in… (Show more)
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With the recent updates to the Snap theme, error messages which appear in collapsible menus on activity settings page no longer expand the menu when they appear. To the user, it appears that the page is being reloaded for no reason.The user thinks the changes are saved and navigates away from the page, and is later confused when the changes they…
Please consider adding the capability either at the site level or at the activity level for Advanced Forums instances to allow either the administrator(if site level) or instructor (if per activity level) to set whether the editor should initially be the basic plain text edit box, or instead start out as the advanced editor (with the Atto…
I am creating a three part test which has common parts A and C and B which has two alternatives to it. The problem is that I haven't found a way to include only one alternative of B to total points calculation. Any ideas?
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Is there a way to configure the default scale for the competency module in Moodlerooms?  There are three options: BTEC, Default Scales, Separate and Connected Ways of Knowing.  None of these fit our assessment framework.   Thank you, Sarah
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