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There is a slight design update in how a video displays closed captions on Moodle. I'm using the SNAP theme, so not sure if it displays differently in other themes. I hope I am not alone!   The old design had a cc button that opened a menu:   In that menu, the default setting is "captions off", and you can select "en" as the desired caption…
It appears that Conduit is having some display issues in Snap theme.  See the picture below.  Is this an HTML issue?  It looks this way in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.  It does not resolve when I widen the window, nor when I change the scale of content within the browser.  Maybe Conduit can't handle the awesomeness of a…
Hello   We would like to suggest an option to hide/show the navigation selector  that is available in course activities.  
Hello, cordial greeting I would like to request an improvement for the questionnaires in which a time limit is configured, the improvement consists of making the block where the chronometer appears always visible to the student anywhere on the page without importing the scroll position while presenting the questionnaire. This would be very useful…
Bom dia a todos.   Trabalho em uma instituição de ensino que utiliza o moodlerooms. Hoje alunos e professores visualizam as médias das notas das disciplinas / cursos. Essas médias são calculadas pelo próprio moodlerooms. Nossas, disciplinas / cursos possuem cálculos de médias bem variadas e a visualização destas médias no moodlerooms causam… (Show more)
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We would like the window width sizes/frame separator line in Joule Grader to remember its last position set forth by the user. At this time, the separator line snaps back to default when one moves from grading one thing to another.  
Hello, cordial greeting   I would like to request an improvement for the Moodlerooms reports (Joule reports), which consists of adding the field idnumber in the results of the reports that have relation with the users and that this field can be visualized in the interface of results of the report as well as to the Export the report in any format.…
In our previous theme, access to Joule Grader and Joule reports was provided in the settings block for all activity pages like Assignments and Discussions. We recently released a new theme designed in Boost and have discovered that Joule Grader link now ONLY exists in the gear menu on the course home page.   I would like to recommend that the…
The following SQL scripts might be helpful to find different anomalies on your Moodle site.   Modules and their ID number in your database Before you adopt one of the following codes, you have to check your module IDs in your database as the codes are based on our modules table and it can be different in your database.   Start with the following… (Show more)
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Does anyone know how to change color for hyperlinks in SNAP theme?   I used the following CSS code last fall and it worked just fine (all hyperlinks were in blue color on our site): a:hyperlinks {color:#1509EB;}   However, this CSS code has stopped working recently for us. All hyperlinks on our site are back in the Moodle regular text color of… (Show more)
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