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We've been using the Snap theme for a while and our students are constantly missing forum deadlines because they don't display in that menu under 'My Courses'. This is mainly because the forum itself doesn't have a due date in the activity.   Some of our forums are assessed, and as such require a final due date. It makes sense that students… (Show more)
Is it possible for Bb to consider keeping clean alive as it's own theme? Snap is a core Bb theme, it would be really great for the clean theme to be adopted by Bb going forward, rather than it being a moodle core, Bb could take it over. We've found this theme to be the most effective for K-12, and having a stable clean theme would be great not… (Show more)
Any chance you could look at adding a broken link checker like this to the list of safe plugins?   Links are constantly dying so it would be really handy to have this as an option to keep our courses more current.
Hi everyone,   Is there a way to allow students a second attempt at a quiz ONLY if they failed their first attempt?   Thank you,   Anna
We would like to be able to embed html into the email that we are sending out to our users. These emails are the notifications that are being released from Personalized Learning Designer. The stock options in the PLD are ok, but if a client wanted to add some custom html that option is not available to them like it is with other editing boxes that…
Greetings everyone.  Good to be a part of this forum.  We are a Moodlerooms/BB Open college using for about 7 year now.   There is an issue with Conduit that I am wondering if everyone else is experiencing that I am wondering if others are experiencing as an issue.   We often manually enroll people in Moodle courses.  Then we go into Conduit to… (Show more)
Please change the log out button in Snap. Currently it is very illogical, as you need to go to "My courses" page to log out. In most systems you log out from the top right corner, so it would be great that it would be possible in Snap as well - our users and most likely others would appreciate it.
With PLD you can set emails or alerts to pop up and to make them more personal and appealing, you get tokens. These tokens allow you to add for example "student name", "grade percent", "activity name" so that each user that receives the alert or email will have his/her own data filled in. All the tokens that work with grades or percents are now…
Course Completion in Moodle Now that Moodle Core is using the Course Completion settings in the Dashboard, and SNAP is defaulting to showing course completion you may want to consider how you are using course completion settings in each of your course activities. Up until this last term our university was allowing students to track assignment…
PLD's are excellent ways of sparking engagement in a course. It would be great to be able to fire a PLD Alert based on the start date of a course rather than just a User Action or a specific date in time. This could be very helpful for: Reminding students who may not have logged into the system, Sending a reminder to all students about key…
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