• Questions about recordings & Achievements

    Are the recordings not being posted any longer? I can't find anything newer than May. I was curious if there was any discussion last week about Achievements. There was some indication on ASU List that Blackboard might...
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  • Google Analytics and Bb Learn

    At the Learn Office Hours today (2015-09-22) there was some discussion about using Google Analytics (GA) (free) to gather information about usage of Bb Learn. For example, a number of participants were able to quickly...
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  • Office Hours Recording Links

    It has been a while since any Office Hours Recording Links have been posted? I see that one of the office hours was cancelled. We hope all is ok, Marissa Dimino? Being based in the UK, means that is more difficult to...
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  • Reminder- Office Hours Cancelled Today

    Hi- A reminder to the group, Office Hours is cancelled today. We will resume next week on Tuesday, September 11th. I hope everyone had a wonderful Labo(u)r Day weekend!
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  • The new change in the Announcements

    Hi All, Did you notice that if the "send email immediately" box is not checked, now the body of the announcement is not in the notification email and instead there is a "View" button? The link to the View button is e...
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  • Recording for June 12, 2018???

    Is this going to be posted soon?
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  • Will the recordings for the April and 5/15/18 Office Hours be posted soon?

    I always have meetings scheduled during the Office Hours time slot, but I would like to view recordings, particularly the 5/15/18 session overview of the Q2 2018 release. Lorna Olsen
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  • Does anyone have the link for the Thursday, March 29th from 2:00-3:30 pm Eastern roadmap session for Learn?

    Does anyone have the link for the Thursday, March 29th from 2:00-3:30 pm Eastern roadmap session for Learn that starts in less than 30 minutes? My registration confirmation email does not contain a link to the session...
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  • SaaS and custom CSS

    Anyone know if the required SaaS updates negatively impact customized CSS?
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  • Not receiving Community emails

    Hi I'm not receiving emails from Blackboard community to my specified email address. I've checked my preferences and all seems ok there. Anyone else having this issue or can help please? Not sure if this is the right ...
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  • Are the Release Notes for Q2 2017 CU5 available?

    We have CU5 on our Stage environment but want to review the Release Notes before we decide if this fix needs to be during the Thanksgiving Break or the end of term break.
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  • Bb faculty/student surveys?

    Do you survey your students or faculty on a scheduled basis regarding Blackboard satisfaction or use? If so, would you please share your questions? If you could share the final results, that would be great, too. TIA
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  • Will the recording of today's office hours (Nov 14th) be posted soon?

    I noticed there are no recordings in Content from the last few weeks.
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  • So did today's office hours (September 12) take place?  I received no email today about joining.

    Did Office Hours meet today?  I had been receiving the emails, but now I'm thinking maybe I'm no longer getting them.
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  • What is the easiest way to get a faculty member to start and a student to access a Collaborate Ultra session from within Blackboard Learn Classic?

    Many of you have promoted the use of Collaborate at your campuses. I need your advice.   We are going to send a blast to all faculty, increasing awareness of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra service that we have...
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  • Emails.

    Marissa, Several of us on the BBAdmin Listserver who are in the Community Group are not receiving the emails for the Tuesday Open Office Hours. How do we get on the email list for these. Thanks Carolyn
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  • Upgrade / updates upcoming and would like some opinions

    MSU Denver is getting ready to do upgrades on our Blackboard Learn 9.1 system.  Background: We are a hosted setup Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2016 - 9.1 Q2 2016 Cumulative Update 3 (Build:3000.1.3-rel.70+214d...
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  • Marissa in action!

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  • Specialized Observer Role

    We are trying to create a specific observer role that would restrict the users ability to access any tests. I am able to restrict the ability to access the tool to edit or create, but not the access to take a test tha...
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  • Collaborate Ultra - Connectivity Issues

    Has anyone had connectivity issues when using Collaborate Ultra? I've had issues using it from within a course where invitees using the Guest link couldn't join. It might have been because they weren't enrolled into t...
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