• Thank You!

    I wanted to thank everyone again for the incredibly generous gift. I'm still at a loss for words which is definitely a first. I am so grateful for this community and have truly enjoyed the almost six years of getting ...
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  • Executive Listening Session – Additional and follow-up questions

    For those that attended the Executive Listening Session at BbWorld, thank you for attending and for asking so many great questions both in advance and during the session itself. While we were able to answer your most ...
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  • SafeAssign AWS Migration Delayed

    I wanted to ensure that everyone saw Trey Buck's recent blog update regarding the previously scheduled downtime for this upcoming Thursday. Please take a look- SafeAssign AWS Migration Delayed.  Here is Trey's or...
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  • Python "scraper" for Bb Status page

    As promised in today's Office Hours, below is a link to my Python 2.x script that checks parts of the status.blackboard.com page, and passes the results to our internal Nagios system for action. I'm rewriting this to ...
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  • Q2 2016 CU1 2016 Theme impressions

    I just applied the 2016 Theme to our Staging server after upgrading to the CU1 2016.  I have gotten some initial feedback from my boss who now requests that I put everything back.  Staging after 2016 Theme ...
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  • Reminder Office Hours Cancelled

    Hello- Apologies for posting as a discussion, but sending a friendly reminder that Office Hours is cancelled today. We will resume next Tuesday, September 12th with a presentation from Bill Vilberg and Brett Stephens.
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  • Yesterday's Recording

    I missed the first part of yesterday's office hours so I'm looking forward to seeing the recording.  Marissa, is the recording going to be posted?
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  • Steps for Pulling Collaborate Reports

    Cross posted here and in the Admin group.   Steps for pulling Collaborate Ultra Usage Reports: Use Firefox 1. Log into SAS 2. Select Reports 3. Select Session Attendance Report 4. Under Criteria: Administr...
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  • Office Hours Reminder

    Greetings! Apologies for posting as a discussion, but I'm out of the office and cannot access announcements on my phone :). A reminder, we have our weekly Office Hours today. Collaborate link to join: http://bit.ly/bb...
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  • SIS Integration Framework & Snapshot Transition Webinar (this week!)

    Hi Learn Office Hours Members - In case you haven't heard, we have 2 upcoming webinars this week for Learn clients to learn more about the SIS Integration Framework and making the transition from Snapshot.   Join...
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  • Information from Piwik Discussion - Oct. 27th

    Greetings!   Thanks to everyone who attended the Learn Office Hours today and listened to me talk about Piwik. Some folks asked me for hardware specs on my instance. Here they are:   MySQL Server – I...
    Terry Patterson
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