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Did Office Hours meet today?  I had been receiving the emails, but now I'm thinking maybe I'm no longer getting them.
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The Due Dates feature in the Blackboard app shows due dates only for tests and assignments. This url shows the help file explaining this: Supported Course Content in the Blackboard App | Blackboard Help   However, what about manual columns that can have due dates?  This would cover LTI generated vendor columns.  Can we please include these… (Show more)
Many of you have promoted the use of Collaborate at your campuses. I need your advice.   We are going to send a blast to all faculty, increasing awareness of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra service that we have incorporated into Blackboard Learn Classic. Most have never used Collaborate. Some have never used Blackboard. I am looking for the… (Show more)
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Hello- Apologies for posting as a discussion, but sending a friendly reminder that Office Hours is cancelled today. We will resume next Tuesday, September 12th with a presentation from Bill Vilberg and Brett Stephens.
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Marissa, Several of us on the BBAdmin Listserver who are in the Community Group are not receiving the emails for the Tuesday Open Office Hours. How do we get on the email list for these. Thanks Carolyn
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MSU Denver is getting ready to do upgrades on our Blackboard Learn 9.1 system.  Background: We are a hosted setup Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2016 - 9.1 Q2 2016 Cumulative Update 3 (Build:3000.1.3-rel.70+214db31) What we are trying to get a few opinions about other schools that have updated recently or thinking about going to: Can you… (Show more)
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I missed the first part of yesterday's office hours so I'm looking forward to seeing the recording.  Marissa, is the recording going to be posted?
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Agenda: BbWorld review and open forum   Recording link with chat: Bb Collaborate
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