New York City?! Get an Accessibility rope! Build a consistent & accessible syllabus for Blackboard courses using SALSA & you won't even need a rope

Blog Post created by ar0044571 on Aug 12, 2019

3-3:50 pm

Presenters: Eddie Andreo & Shelby Huddleston (Cowley County Community College)


Summary: Cowley College partnered with Ally in 2018 to improve accessibility at our institution. We noticed that the syllabi were a major factor in our scores. We started by creating an accessible template for the instructors to use. However, after trying this, we found the instructors broke a variety of accessibility standards. We started looking for other tools that would assist us in meeting accessibility guidelines. We found SALSA (Styled & Accessible Learning Service Agreements), but the integration had not yet been developed for Blackboard. We then partnered with the SALSA team to build a proof of concept LTI integration for Learn. This implementation will assist us in our Accessibility Strategic Initiative by starting with one of the most basic and critical components of course design, the course syllabus. Participants will discover the benefits of providing a consistent and accessible syllabus template across their institution. Participants will learn how to use the SALSA syllabus tool and its easy-to-use design. Participants will identify ways to save time and meet accessibility guidelines.


Presenter Bios
Shelby has worked in K-12 as a teacher and Technology Coordinator for 14 years prior to coming to Cowley College. At Cowley, he works as an instructional designer, trainer, and point of contact on the main campus. 


As the Associate Vice President for Distance Learning at Cowley College in Arkansas City, Kansas, longtime Kansas native Eddie Andreo leads the Instructional Design processes and administers the online campus component of the College. He facilitates technology-rich instruction and learning through collaborative curricular innovation, faculty training, and technical support.