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Technical Office Hours is a weekly hour-long session dedicated to Blackboard’s technical users. We gather with System Administrators, Developers, and anyone else that wants to join to discuss on-going issues, talk about what’s coming up for Blackboard users, and share what’s going on with each other. We provide webinars and training from time-to-time, but generally, this is an hour of open discussion driven by the participants. To join, simply visit https://bit.ly/technical-office-hours at the appropriate time


Scott Hurrey
To join, simply visit  https://bit.ly/technical-office-hours  every Wednesday at 11am 'America/New_York' ...
Scott Hurrey Jul '20
Jonathan Knight
Hi all I skipped last summers upgrade what with one thing and another, so now I'm playing catch up by installing the ...
Jonathan Knight Jan '21
Stefano Collovati
Dear all, is it there any plan to schedule a "Developer Roadmap" session? It may be great sharing with us what can we ...
Scott Hurrey
Scott Hurrey Sep '20
Charles Wight
I'm an LTI app developer and brand new to the Bb Community. I've been trying to implement the LTI Advantage Deep ...
Charles Wight Jun '20

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