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We are the User Group for Blackboard Mobile and Blackboard Collaborate ("MoCo"). We hold monthly events ("MoCo Lounges"), which provide the opportunity for users to interact with each other and feed back directly to Blackboard. This online site provides a dedicated forum for both technologies, so members can raise questions and share ideas with each other and with product developers at Blackboard; please visit this space regularly for updates and news.

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Helga Gunnarsdottir
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We've always had great community resources available in the MoCo User Group, and we want to keep that going on this new community site! We've now added back in the key areas of the old site's content but we'd also love to hear from you about new resources, too. Got an example of Mobile or Collaborate being used in an interesting way? Got a problem you'd like help with? Spotted a bug? Got a handy resource that others might find useful? Investigated an accessibility element of these tools? Please create a discussion thread or a blog post to share this with the community. Thanks in advance!  

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Discussion Areas

  • "Community Archive" - Discussions that have been migrated from the previous Community Site. These discussions are read-only and can no longer be replied to. If you want to continue a discussion, please email community@blackboard.com to move it to another category. Please note there are 11 subcategories.
  • "Collaborate" Discussions - Topics related to virtual classroom solution for online collaboration.
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  • "Mobile Apps" Discussions - Subcategory of the "Learn" area, for discussion of Mobile Apps specifically.
  • ”Accessibility Best Practices” Discussions - Subcategory of the “Academics and Instructors in Teaching and Learning” area (used to be the 'Best Practices' area), for accessibility-specific discussions.
  • "Collaborate Virtual Classroom" - Subcategory of the “Academics and Instructors in Teaching and Learning” area (used to be the 'Best Practices' area), for Collaborate-specific conversations by academic staff.

Community Programs

  • "Blackboard Product Roadmaps" - Stay in the know about what’s new for our Teaching & Learning products and get excited about what’s coming soon. Each quarter the product management leaders provide an update on the vision and roadmap for Blackboard Learn.
  • "Office Hours: Learn" - Join this weekly webinar series facilitated by Blackboard Support and Client Success, to hear about and discuss the latest new features, releases and top reported known issues.
  • "Office Hours: Technical" - Technical Office Hours is a weekly hour-long session dedicated to Blackboard’s technical users to discuss on-going issues, talk about what’s coming up for Blackboard users.

Other User Groups

  • "Medicine and Health Blackboard User Group (BbMHUG)" - This group is open to all Higher Education staff working in Health-related fields who use Blackboard in the delivery or support of teaching.
  • "Technology Learning Community" - The Blackboard TLC is a community of *educators* whose common goal is to create and successfully maintain a high quality online teaching and learning environment at their respective institutions.

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Matthew Deeprose
Class tells TechCrunch that it has acquired Collaborate, Blackboard’s virtual class tool for an undisclosed price. An investor close to the deal, however, said the deal closed for $210 million. They also confirmed that Class raised ...
Mary Kopale
Hello all. While we like the new feature to download shared files directly from Collaborate, this will not work for some of our faculty/courses. Sharing a screen is not possible for some of our set-ups where our podium only has one ...
James Eardley
Not sure if it is related or not (most likely not) but just after I left the MoCo session today, my audio drivers stopped working.  Just wondered if anyone else experienced this?  The Chime audio and video quality looked amazing, it was ...
Yolene ORS
For those of you who attended the recent MoCo meeting you saw it in action :)  I am pleased to now be able to give you more to play with !  A short video demoing the feature : bit.ly/collabdata1video   A test room specific to MoCo :    (it's a ...
Yolene ORS Apr '22
Mary Kopale
Hi all. I am contacting support, but wondered if anyone else had issues with attendance reports for Collaborate sessions not being available. Thanks.
Mary Kopale Mar '22
Jin Tan
Hello, I wonder if any institution received similar reported issues of joining in Collaborate sessions from Russia? The student is at Russia and could not join sessions, it's the first time to use Collaborate Ultra. The message is ...
Jin Tan Mar '22
Matthew Deeprose
I can't find a way to reply to this post.   So I started this thread to say the new dynamic newsletter is great. For new users and old it will be a very effective one stop resource for all the latest collab/mobile news, updates, known ...
Duraisamy Kandasamy
Hello, I work in Blackboard Product Development team, and we plan to adopt a Responsive Web Design strategy for our mobile apps. We are seeking at the least minimum of six clients from across the world to get involved with User ...
Emma Duke-Williams
I've tried to investigate the progress tracking on the student app. I've been into a number of modules I'm a student on; and also I've used a test student, just in case the fact I'm a sys-admin confused the system. However, in neither case ...
Yolene ORS
Hello,  We'd like to provide inside of Collaborate as well as in help a bit more facilitation guidance so that moderators can gradually pick up some tips to engage their audience.  I'd love to hear from you, what are your top tips to ...
Yolene ORS Nov '21

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This is a "Focussed"  Mobile and Collaborate (MoCo) User Group  Lounge session, about a certain topic. Details for this session: Topic : Using Other Blackboard/Third Party Tools with Collaborate. Attendees can: Share examples of using other tools with Collaborate, be they Blackboard ...

Date & Time
07/29/2022 7:00am EDT