Welcome! ... about the Data Privacy and Security Group

Blog Post created by sgeering on Mar 7, 2018

We created this group to more actively share updates from Blackboard on data privacy and security and hopefully create many great discussions between the Blackboard users on these topics.


We will use this group to make you aware of important industry and regulatory developments, provide updates about our data privacy and security programs and alert you to beneficial events and webinars.


We hope this will be an interactive and thriving group, so please engage and post your questions and discussions topics.


But please do not use this group to submit requests that require a legal review or that a case be opened if you are client.  Additionally, please do not use this group to submit potential security bugs.


For any legal data privacy questions or issues, please contact us at For potential security bugs, please contact For issues related to your specific implementation of a Blackboard product, please follow the standard client support process to submit a case.


[Last update: 9 October 2019]