• Regarding New coursesites , imported old course  URL issue

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    I have imported  "old coursesites course " into  new course sites. Import is successfully. But URL i get as  https://preview-learn.blackboard.com/ultra/courses/_169834_1/cl/outline  (This URL is it...
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  • Notifications in Ultra

    Some of our course teams and students find the notifications rather confusing. An example is where a new thread in a discussion has been created and the notification is titled 'new content'.  Are other users gett...
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  • Copy/Paste Text Issues

    Often when I copy/paste text from Word into a text field in Ultra, spacing between words are stripped out. Can you update the text field to accept Word formatted text more smoothly?   Thanks, David
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  • Can you switch on Ally in Course sites to allow us to review its functionality?

    At the BB Europe conference, we were told that Ally was switched on for Course Sites. However it does not seem to be. Having it added would be great as would give us a good way of reviewing its functionality in Blackb...
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  • Loss of features in Ultra

    Is anyone else frustrated by the lack of Journals and certain question types in Ultra?  I use these extensively in my existing courses, and so am not able to change to Ultra.  Are there any plans to add thes...
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  • How can I remove Instructors from my course?

    Hello, previous year I made some courses, added students and also instructors. This year, I want to recycle this courses. I was able to remove the students from the couse but it is not possible to remove the instructo...
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  • Import test questions into NEW Course sites?

    Can I import a test pool into the new Course Sites Ultra? Is there a way to upload a specific file type so that I do not have to type all the exam questions one by one?   
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  • Padlet

    Hello,   I am using padlet in my modules. This was working well but when I now edit the items with padlet, it doesn't work anymore?   Thanks in advance and kind regards, Esther De Craemer     ...
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  • Is there a way to track the length of time a student watches a video in coursesites?

    I work for a charitable foundation called the Once Upon a Time foundation and we underwrite a free, online course through CourseSites that helps train Speech Pathologists on a pediatric speech disorder. It is hosted b...
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  • issues

    I am new to Coursesite. I tried adding new content into this module and keep getting a purple x that appears instead of the options I used to get to add assignments, links, etc.. Am I doing something wrong?
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  • Help for administrator

    I previously set up the old course sites which was much more self explanatory. Now, I am having trouble setting up the courses and institution. I am the administrator. No one has any access as I have not yet set up an...
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  • CourseSites Usage

    I'll admit...I'm new to the CourseSites movement...(hangs head in shame). How are your institutions using CourseSites? What is the best way to get the most from it?
    created by kp0054257
  • Issue with embedding videos

    I am currently experiencing the issue with embedding videos. When I embed the same videos in the wordpress, they play ok, but it do not play in the blackboard, instead I see a blurred picture. I can embed Youtube vide...
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  • How to Hide Test Score

    Hello everyone, At the risk of sounding cruel to my students  -which I probably am, I need the ability to hide the final scores from the online tests I have created. Any chance that such an option exists? Best ...
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  • "Dashboard Page" like old Course Sites

    So, in the previous version of Course Sites I had a sort of "Dashboard Page" or "Profile Page" that listed my courses on it. If the courses allowed Guest Access, then anyone who had the link to this "Dashboard" page c...
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  • Customized forms within a course

    Am I able to create customized forms in a course, that students can fill out and submit to me?
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  • Copying Modules

    I like the skeleton of my first module and want to use the same format for all of my modules within the course.  Is there the capability to create one module, and then copy it to create another module so that I'm...
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  • Customization of CourseSites page

    Can I put my own logo on my page to design and customize it?
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  • In Course Sites it allows to align content with 'Goals".  Is it possible to change the word 'goals' to 'competencies'?

    I'm developing a course for corporate leaders as the audience.  They have leadership competencies and I want to align my content to their competencies.  It looks like I can align content to 'goals' but can I...
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  • Respondus LockDown Browser added to CourseSites

    We're really pleased to have been able to add Respondus LockDown Browser to CourseSites. Respondus® is a third-party tool you can use to create, manage, and print tests in Blackboard. You can create tests offline...
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