• Copy/Paste Text Issues

    Often when I copy/paste text from Word into a text field in Ultra, spacing between words are stripped out. Can you update the text field to accept Word formatted text more smoothly?   Thanks, David
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  • Notifications in Ultra

    Some of our course teams and students find the notifications rather confusing. An example is where a new thread in a discussion has been created and the notification is titled 'new content'.  Are other users gett...
    created by pw0047828
  • Loss of features in Ultra

    Is anyone else frustrated by the lack of Journals and certain question types in Ultra?  I use these extensively in my existing courses, and so am not able to change to Ultra.  Are there any plans to add thes...
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  • Respondus LockDown Browser added to CourseSites

    We're really pleased to have been able to add Respondus LockDown Browser to CourseSites. Respondus® is a third-party tool you can use to create, manage, and print tests in Blackboard. You can create tests offline...
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  • Respondus for New Course SItes

    Am looking to see if there is a Respondus functionality for the New Coursesites.  I downloaded the Respondus 4 Coursesites but it does not map to the New Course Sites.  Anyone know if this is forthcoming or ...
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  • Login Problems and Feature Request

    I've been having waaay too many issues with students who registered for my course and then a week later can't log in again.  When they attempt password reset, the website returns that their account doesn't even e...
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  • Student Login or Activity Dates

    Is there a way to see/track student activity in the new Ultra system? In the old system, you could see on the Roster page the student's latest login date; as I remember, you could see that in the grade book as well. I...
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  • Timezone change for CourseSites

    It has been brought to our attention by one of our users that the default timezone on the new CourseSites had been set to GMT instead of Eastern time as the Original CourseSites had been. While this would only have af...
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  • Preview vs. Download file

    Hello, up until a few days ago the new Blackboard site allowed for files to be previewed under SafeAssign.  It seems this is no longer possible and that all files have to be downloaded to be read.  Is there ...
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  • Log in page just keeps refreshing?

    My students and I are unable to log in to Blackboard. When a username and password are entered and "Sign In" is clicked, the page just refreshes. Anyone else experiencing this? I just tried it moments ago (December 26...
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  • Problem Importing Courses from the Original CourseSites to the New CourseSites:  The directions are clear & the process is simple.  The problem is that it's not working.  Why are my files not being imported/imported properly into the new CourseSites?

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  • Changing K12 Student Passwords and other Anomalies

    I teach in a 6-8 grade level and I use Course Sites to manage my classes. I have done so for over 5 years with very few issues.   Enrolling students in the New Course Sites is an outrageous mess. Why did Bb do ...
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  • Inviting Students to New Coursesties Course

    I have used the free Coursesites environment for many years. I just switched to the new environment that went live June 27. I've imported a course previously built in the old Coursesites. Everything looks great. One p...
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  • Maximum number of students per course?

    Hello all, is there going to be a maximum number of students that can enroll in each course in the new version of coursesites?  I have a library course where I have about 1500 students at any given time, and I am...
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  • Students having log-in and Help Issues

    I have students who are getting extremely frustrated. They are now in my course, but they continually get locked out when they try to log-in the next time. When they click on "forgot password" (which they didn't forge...
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  • Win a pair of Blackboard branded socks! 

    The Blackboard Learn Team is giving away a free pair of jazzy Blackboard socks to the first 50 individuals who reveal their favorite Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience feature. As many of you know, our product...
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  • Moving to New CourseSites

    I've tried to follow the instructions to export course from the old coursesites and import it to the new coursesites, but I get the following error on the import side: Also, about the same time I keep getting a I s...
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  • Text Formatting

    The text formatting options for most of the various text input fields in Ultra is rather limited, compared the the very rich features and options of the previous system. Any chance future updates will include more rob...
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  • Creating Letter Grade Columns in Grade Book

    Has anyone figured out how to create a grade column that accepts letter grades? I want to create a "Course Grade" column in which I can manually assign the final course grade for each student. The old system allowed f...
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  • Last Date of Attendance

    Sorry, another question: is there a way to determine a student's last day of attendance in the new Ultra system? I looked in the roster area and the grade book area and couldn't find anything. My apologies if I overlo...
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