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My students have followed the enrollment process both from the link I have sent them and the URL I have.  SOME are able to connect to the course and begin using the site immediately.  Many others get one of 2 messages: username and password is incorrect OR they are in Coursesites but NOT my course.  I have searched the help sections and attempted… (Show more)
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CourseSites had fantastic open MOOCs that were used for training. One in particular was Designing an Exemplary Course
in CourseSites by Blackboard
Is there a way to see/track student activity in the new Ultra system? In the old system, you could see on the Roster page the student's latest login date; as I remember, you could see that in the grade book as well. I can't seem to find where to view student login dates in Ultra. Ideas?   Thanks, David
in CourseSites by Blackboard
I created my only course, which is simply an LTI link to another resource, in When it was migrated to the new live (Ultra), I lost the ability to edit my course LTI link, invite users, etc. I do not see an Admin Dashboard anywhere.  What am I missing?
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Is there a way in the new CourseSites (Original Course View) to determine the status of a user invitation? In the old CourseSites, we could see if an invitation had been sent and if it was waiting for the user to accept the invitation or not. Looking for this feature in the new CourseSites.   Thanks!
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It has been brought to our attention by one of our users that the default timezone on the new CourseSites had been set to GMT instead of Eastern time as the Original CourseSites had been. While this would only have affected those using Original courses (Ultra courses recognise the timezone in use in the users internet browser and renders the time… (Show more)
in CourseSites by Blackboard
Hello, up until a few days ago the new Blackboard site allowed for files to be previewed under SafeAssign.  It seems this is no longer possible and that all files have to be downloaded to be read.  Is there any way you can add the preview option back?  I would prefer to read essay submissions in the preview rather than having to download each… (Show more)
in CourseSites by Blackboard
My students and I are unable to log in to Blackboard. When a username and password are entered and "Sign In" is clicked, the page just refreshes. Anyone else experiencing this? I just tried it moments ago (December 26, 2018 1:30pm CST) and it's not working. A students tells me it wasn't working yesterday (December 25, 2018), either. I know - it's… (Show more)
in CourseSites by Blackboard
Is anyone else frustrated by the lack of Journals and certain question types in Ultra?  I use these extensively in my existing courses, and so am not able to change to Ultra.  Are there any plans to add these features soon?
in CourseSites by Blackboard
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