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While working with a course I'm designing for the Advent season I accidentally marked the course as complete. I can no longer edit any of the content. I don't see an option on the course settings to reopen the course.
in CourseSites by Blackboard
I have imported  "old coursesites course " into  new course sites. Import is successfully. But URL i get as  (This URL is it permanent/ Can i change, do let me know the steps for the same") Previously i used to access as "". I want…
Some of our course teams and students find the notifications rather confusing. An example is where a new thread in a discussion has been created and the notification is titled 'new content'.  Are other users getting the same feedback from their users? 
in CourseSites by Blackboard
Often when I copy/paste text from Word into a text field in Ultra, spacing between words are stripped out. Can you update the text field to accept Word formatted text more smoothly?   Thanks, David
in CourseSites by Blackboard
At the BB Europe conference, we were told that Ally was switched on for Course Sites. However it does not seem to be. Having it added would be great as would give us a good way of reviewing its functionality in Blackboard situ.
in CourseSites by Blackboard
Can I import a test pool into the new Course Sites Ultra? Is there a way to upload a specific file type so that I do not have to type all the exam questions one by one?   
in CourseSites by Blackboard
Is anyone else frustrated by the lack of Journals and certain question types in Ultra?  I use these extensively in my existing courses, and so am not able to change to Ultra.  Are there any plans to add these features soon?
in CourseSites by Blackboard
Hello, previous year I made some courses, added students and also instructors. This year, I want to recycle this courses. I was able to remove the students from the couse but it is not possible to remove the instructors. I get the notification 'Cannot remove Insstructor users from course. Only System Administrator users can remove Instructior… (Show more)
in CourseSites by Blackboard