Come learn all about that Base (Ultra Base Navigation that is!)

Blog Post created by jbanks on May 14, 2018

Did you know that you can use the Ultra experience for Learn without changing any of your courses?


Well, with the Ultra Base Navigation, you can! With a modern design, time-saving tools, and the ability to take action with one click – the Ultra Base Navigation helps instructors and students save time and stay on top of what’s important, without changing the course experience! Join our upcoming Cohort program to learn more about the Ultra Base Navigation and get all your Ultra experience questions answered.


Registration link: Blackboard | Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience Webinar Series


Program Overview

The Ultra experience for Learn Cohort program is an 8-week series of virtual meetings aimed to help deepen your understanding of the Ultra experience for Learn and provide you with the information and answers you need as you plan a transition to the new interface.


Each session will focus on a topic critical to the transition process, including an in-depth overview of the new interface for Blackboard Learn, insight into the features & workflows currently available, and best practice sharing from Blackboard experts as well as your peers.


Our cohort programs consist of weekly, 1-hour, virtual meetings using Collaborate, providing direct access to our product experts and your peers moving along a similar path.


To join the upcoming cohort, click the below link to register:

Blackboard | Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience Webinar Series