• Allow access to courses from Blackboard Open LMS mobile app

    How to allow access to courses from the Moodle or Blackboard Open LMS mobile app?
  • Alternatives to plugins outside Plugin Matrix

    Hi all,   We wanted to experiment with a couple of plugins, but these plugins aren't available in the Plugin Matrix.    Does anyone in the community know if there is an alternative for the follow...
    created by bp0078100
  • Snap feature request: teacher's ability to override messaging preferences for students in their class

    Professors would like to be able to message all students in their courses using the internal system without having to be added as contacts to the students' accounts.
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  • Autoriser l'accès aux cours depuis l'application mobile

    Comment autoriser l'accès aux cours depuis l'application mobile Moodle ou Blackboard Open LMS ?
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  • Feature Request - automated contact of teachers and students

    Please consider adding a new feature in Moodle where teachers and students can be notified that a student has been enrolled into a teachers course. (Ex// a student is enrolled in Math and English, each teacher would g...
    created by sk0055211
  • Has anyone found a way to set the brand color for a course theme in BB Open LMS?

    We use Snap for the site theme and give instructors the option of using Boost for their course theme. Have tried several Boost presets, including the "Color Function Preset for Boost Moodle Theme." The color will some...
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  • Snap Personal Menu -  Adding Custom User items

    Has anyone managed to add Custom User items to the Personal Menu witihin? I would like to add a hyperlink and a link to a Grade Report in the section highlighted in red.     I currently use a CSS hack to ...
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  • Dynamic "Due date" for assignment activity?

    Hi I have a so-called non-stop course that students can start whenever they want. So there is no fixed start time for the course.    The course includes several written assignments that students make and r...
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  • File description location in Snap

    I am currently testing the Snap theme for use inside our Moodle based VLE. We have come across an issue with adding description text for uploaded files, in Snap this has moved under Common Module Settings rather than ...
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  • Does anyone know what Blackboard has in terms of certification? ISOs etc.?

    Is there any information on the following certifications:   • SOC1 not more than 1 year old • SOC2 not more than 1 year old • SO2700 not more than 1 year old • ISO27019 not more than 1 ye...
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  • Annotation not working

    I started grading papers today, maximized the view, and tapped on the annotation icon. I keep getting a message saying, "We're sorry. The annotation could not be created". This was working just fine until earlier this...
    created by hxd01
  • Group Submission by Instructor

    I've created a content area with several assignment assessments for two groups I set up. It works great and they're easy to grade. However, one student sent me his submission (a PPX file) via email and I would like to...
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  • LMS "Theme" Survey

    I am at the starting stages of conducting a project that will hopefully result in the selection of one theme for our campus.  There are currently three themes in use with no purposeful application or organization...
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  • Hiding topics and about repository for activities

    Hi I have a couple of challenges related to the Open LMS, which I am trying to solve.   First challenge: I have a course with two groups. The course has several topics, some of which are for group A, some for ...
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  • Drift questions

    I haven't been able to find much info on Drift. Can you please let us know how it will be used, and what the future plans for it are. In particular: can the link in the popup be directed to another page (currently th...
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  • SNAP! Profile Fields and Restrictions Affect All Users- wha???

    Good morning OpenLMS Community Neighbors! Reaching out for your ideas and knowledge. We're testing ways to require an orientation course using restrictions within other courses. We chose to add an orientation profil...
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  • Forum grading to show up in My Courses "Grading"

    Forums now show up in "Deadlines" when an "expect completed on" date is set (YAY! I have been patiently waiting for this, so thanks to all who made it happen).   I've now got a marker who's asking a very good q...
    created by ew40089
  • Progress Bar in Snap Theme

    Hi everyone,   Is there a way to choose which activities are included in the progress bar in the Personal Menu?   I have three assignments in a course, but students only need to complete one in order to ...
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  • Alternative to Turnitin's Feedback Studio?

    Our institution has been looking at using Turnitin, mainly for the benefit of the Feedback Studio side of it. The Quickmark sets and originality reports would be helpful for our markers, as well as having an interacti...
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  • How do you manage language fonts

    We're looking to provide some units on Greek and Hebrew languages. As a part of this it would be super helpful if our users were able to type in the Greek/Hebrew font on Moodle. I haven't been able to find an easy way...
    created by ew40089