• Group Submission by Instructor

    I've created a content area with several assignment assessments for two groups I set up. It works great and they're easy to grade. However, one student sent me his submission (a PPX file) via email and I would like to...
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  • Atto editor: Can we add some more formatting options? Yes!

    Hi Community Members   I work in the Open Source Product Management team, based in Australia, and I have recently had a couple of questions about extending the formatting options in the Atto text editor, hence t...
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  • Improving student communication with real-time communication tools

    3/6/19 2:00 PM
    In the fall, we announced our partnership with Pronto, an instant messaging application that enables institutions to communicate with students in real-time. During this webinar, we will take a closer look at Pronto an...
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    Improving student communication with real-time communication tools
  • Open Grader Dropdown Limits

    Under review
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    Version: Blackboard Open LMS 3.4 When using the Open Grader, the dropdown is limited to 30 users.  If a class has more than 30 students, the person grading must use the forward/backward buttons to navigate, or b...
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  • Watch in visible evaluation with scroll

    Under review
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    Hello, cordial greeting I would like to request an improvement for the questionnaires in which a time limit is configured, the improvement consists of making the block where the chronometer appears always visible to ...
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  • Como retirar a visualização das médias aplicadas no moodlerooms?

    Bom dia a todos.   Trabalho em uma instituição de ensino que utiliza o moodlerooms. Hoje alunos e professores visualizam as médias das notas das disciplinas / cursos. Essas médias s&at...
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  • Cohort management in Conduit

    Under review
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    Currently Conduit allows for the management of Moodle Groups. I would like to see the same functionality added to Conduit for Cohorts. This would allow us to simplify the enrolment of students into additional study re...
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  • CSS Magic: Stylizing SNAP's Resource Boxes to be full-width

    There has been some discussion in the Idea's section of the Moodlerooms Community about being able to set the resource box size for files in SNAP to be full-width. Though there isn't an option to choose the width, you...
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  • H5P Updates

    Hi folks! Back from a little traveling hiatus and I wanted to share some quick notes about the MP2 updates to the H5P plugin in Moodlerooms.   1) Grades Support Enhanced. Originally the H5P activity had a some...
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  • CSS Magic: Stylizing Collapsed Topics View to Look More like Folder Format

    We recently tested the new collapsed Topic format which is an alternative to the soon-to-be retired Folder Format. It works pretty much the same, but instead of the yellow-folders that folder-format users were used th...
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  • How Many Different Ways is Your Institution Using Moodlerooms?

    This question is focused on the diversity of use you have for your Moodlerooms instance at your institution. We want to hear about how you are using Moodlerooms to support any of the following: Different teaching sty...
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  • H5P, a new tool...

    An Introduction to H5P Thanks to those who could make it to one of the Territory Moots to hear me babble about H5P and the interactive content you can create with it. I will launch a few posts about this tool but I t...
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