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Dear Open LMS Community,


In our November 2019 Client Town Hall meetings we focused on doing a quick recap of the features from our previous release, shared some of the exciting features that are coming on Blackboard Open LMS 3.5 and provided a sneak peek of some of our product initiatives for 2019. Here's a quick overview of the topics we covered during this webinar:


Blackboard Open LMS 3.4 Recap

  • Upgrade to Core 3.4: Calendar management, unified user management view, file type selector, etc.
  • Blackboard's Learning Environment: New version of SafeAssign Originality Report, IntelliBoard 5.0, new e-commerce capabilities with IntelliCart
  • Other features and upgrades: New in-app communication channel and custome certificate plugin


What's coming in Blackboard Open LMS 3.5

  • Simple Global Search
  • New criteria for badges
  • LTI advantage 1.1 support
  • Cohort themes
  • Filter questions by tag
  • GDPR and Record RTC plugins now part of Core
  • New PLD action: enroll user


A quick look at some of our 2019 initiatives

  • Main areas of focus
  • Blackboard Data
  • Improvements on our SaaS delivery model
  • QA & code review optimizations and efficiencies
  • Clean and More themes EOL, plus release of Classic theme
  • New hires for our UX team!
  • Profile-based branding
  • IntelliBoard Recommend


In case you missed our Town Hall or if you want to review any topics that we discussed, you can download the PDF deck and watch the recording of your specific territory:



Thank you all for your active participation and we look forward to see you in the next Town Hall!



Carlos Pinto

Product @ Blackboard Open LMS