HTML for PLD emails, Snap improvements, and more! - Open LMS 3.6 MP2 release!

Blog Post created by pablo.borbon on Oct 3, 2019

We are super excited to announce that Open LMS 3.6 is coming October 10th for Sandbox sites and October 17 for production sites!


This release has a feature requested in this community among other exciting things!


Off topic, but we have relaunched our Youtube Channel! (Blackboard Open LMS - YouTube ) We have new content, including a list of "how-to" videos to make the most out of Open LMS. Be sure to check it out, let us know what would you want to see in the channel, and consider subscribing. 



Now, let's get to the release!


Release highlights


HTML support for PLD email editor

Rule creators are now able to add HTML content to the body of the e-mail sent through the personalized learning designer (PLD). This opens the door to new ways to foster learner engagement in the courses.

pld email with html text editor


Snap Course performance - Load on demand for course sections and page modules

Open LMS has now the option to activate the new "Snap course load on demand" or "Lazy load" functionality, which will allow a faster load of course sections and page module content. This feature is particularly useful for Snap courses with a large number of sections, activities, and resources.


Administrators can turn these features on/off: Site administration→Appearance->Themes→Snap→Course display


Snap Advanced feeds

There's a new experimental* feature in Snap's configuration that allows loading content on the notification panels and the course cards list using web components and pagination. This functionality improves Personal menu loading times significantly.


Administrators can turn this feature on/off and select the number of items to display in  Site administration→Appearance→Themes→Snap→Personal Menu

snap settings

*experimental because we would loe your feedback to see if you like this approach, not because it could break 

Snap Resource and Activity cards redesign

Snap updated the design of the Resource and Activity Cards so that they are more coherent in terms of design language. Internal scrolls were eliminated and the restriction message was redesigned. These changes only apply to the small activity and resources cards:

  • URL
  • External tool
  • Lightbox gallery
  • File
  • IMS Content package
  • Folder

Changes made to the design are:

  • Multimedia files, such as videos and pictures are not rendered in the card summary view
  • Scrolls within the card summary were eliminated
  • Card type title and name will render with an ellipsis if the text is too long
  • Card summary description will render a specific amount of text and then it will hide the rest with a white gradient
  • A new restriction icon is introduced. Restriction messages appear as a tooltip for this icon


Collaborate reports for IntelliBoard

The latest version of IntelliBoard now includes reporting capabilities for Blackboard Collaborate sessions, including the ability to report on attendance by course or per learner. 



Updated storage report

As part of the S3 storage migration initiative, the Open LMS admin report for storage has been updated to reflect S3 file dir usage. This change allows admins to properly get the total number of used storage for the site. 


This report can be found in Site administration→Blackboard Open LMS→File Storage Usage

storage report

Updated plugins

  • Intellicart
  • IntelliBoard
  • H5P



More information about the release  

(Will be updated as we approach to the release)