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Blog Post created by ab37750 on May 14, 2019

Hi folks, I am back and on the H5P train again.

Just an update to kick things off, but I thought I'd start with a note about the more recent updates to H5P in Moodle/Open LMS. One of my favorite bits is the reporting views. They really feel so much more polished and clear, I am loving them. 

From the Grader view in the gradebook, you can click on the H5P activity link to get to this grade report page. 

Screenshot of the H5P Grade Report showing grade information for each student's attempt.

It has a few more details than the gradebook view, but gets more exciting when we dive into the View Answers Report.

For each student we can see the detailed report on their responses without having to navigate out or find additional reports.

Screenshot of the H5P View Answers Report showing detailed information about the answers selected or provided by the student.

Pretty good details on what the actual responses were from the attempt.


Another item for today's post is the idea of creating a template page for the Course presentation activity.

It is easy to really think about the Course presentation as a slide show, the parallels are pretty strong. So as I was knocking out some examples, it occurred to me that the clone page tool is perfect for the job. 

Screenshot of the H5P Course presentation authoring page, highlighting the clone page tool.I can make several different styles of page template, and use the clone page button to make copies of them for each page I want to build. When I am all done, I can toss out the template pages, or use them as the last of that style of page. It can really cut down on the styling time, and make it feel a little more like using Power point or Keynote to author a slide presentation. 

I'll be back with more updates and information. I think next up I will take a tour through the Open Badges 2.0 implementation and some cool new features in there.