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Want to try how CBE works in Moodlerooms but haven't had the time to configure frameworks and competencies? We got you covered. In this quick guide we'll review 3 steps you can follow to review to jump-start your test.


Step 1. Enable competencies in your site

Before we start any other configuration or actions, make sure Competencies are enabled for your site. You can configure this in:


Site administration > Competencies > Competencies settings


Once on the settings page, just me sure the "Enable competencies" box is ticked.


enable competencies.PNG


Step 2. Import a previously created CBE framework

Moodlerooms provides flexibility when creating competencies and frameworks, but in test scenarios, you may want to accelerate framework creation and start working with something that is already defined. To do this, you can use the "Import competency framework" in Moodlerooms, which allow you to use a CSV CBE framework file and import it into the platform so you can use it and edit it as needed.

You can find the link to "Import competency framework" tool in


Site administration > Competencies > Import competency framework.


import competencies framework.PNG

You can find CBE frameworks in CSV format by searching in the web, but you can also use the Cyber Security CSV test file attached to this post that we created based on Cyber-security competency model available on Career one stop website. This file doesn't require you to change any settings when importing.



competency framework.PNG


Step 3. Have fun!

Now that you're all set up with competencies and a framework to test, you can go and check out how those can be used in courses, activities and learning plans. Here are some recommendations on where to start:

  • If you're using the cyber-security framework that we've shared, you can create a cyber-security learning plan templates and assign learning plans to a couple of test users. You can do this by going to Site administration > Competencies > Learning plan templates
  • Go to a couple of test courses and add map competencies to them. This can be accessed from the course dashboard if you're using Snap or from course administration in any other theme.
  • Assign competencies to activities and resources if you want.
  • Rate competencies for your test users and see how they progress on the assigned learning plans. Personal learning plans can be found on user profiles.


Hope this mini-guide is useful and allows you to accelerate your tests.


Have you tried out CBE features already? how did it go? Let us know in the comments!