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Hi Folks,

In case you didn’t see, Moodle HQ has announced that we will be hosting the first MoodleMoot at BbWorld this July 25-27 in New Orleans!


With BbWorld and a MoodleMoot held in tandem, we can bring two of the largest edtech communities together. The best part is that attendees need only purchase one registration to access both conferences. After all, BbWorld isn’t just about Blackboard software, it’s easily one of the largest gatherings of like-minded education professionals focused on addressing challenges in teaching and learning across the world.


For instance, you can see Martin Dougiamas’ keynote and enjoy the Moot’s tight-knit, Moodle-focused session before branching out to enjoy a wider variety of BbWorld sessions and activities, such as a keynote by educator and former Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden.


Of course, with any Moot, there will be a full agenda of peer-led presentations, but that can’t happen without your input! The Moot call for proposals is open now until May 8th. Our friends at Moodle HQ will be selecting the sessions, but if you’re looking for more information on how to submit, please visit our Moot page on You can also reach out to or with any questions. Anyone that submits a presentation that is selected for the Moot gets an additional $200 off the discounted speaker rate.


Thanks and we hope to see you there!


Phill Miller
VP, Teaching and Learning


H5P Updates

Posted by ab37750 May 9, 2017

Hi folks!

Back from a little traveling hiatus and I wanted to share some quick notes about the MP2 updates to the H5P plugin in Moodlerooms.


1) Grades Support Enhanced.

Originally the H5P activity had a somewhat mysterious internal setting for the grade it would publish to the grade book in Moodle. Now it has more normal support for grades in the settings with the addition of a field for the Maximum grade for the activity.

H5P Grade Setting Screenshot

Still missing in my opinion is the ability to assign scales, single or multiple attempts, the aggregation methods for those multiple attempts, and the grade category the item belongs in. These are standard Moodle activity behaviors and I expect they will show up someday, but for now I have a much more normal workflow to setting up the max grade for the activity.


2) Backup and Restore.

That's right, back up and restore now work correctly with this activity so when you create one in a template course, you can count on it rolling out to the copies made of that course. I've tested it and it does work for the scenarios I ran through, including import, duplicate, and the recycle bin.

H5P in the Import ScreenH5P Content in the   Recycle Bin

Please let me know if you find one where it doesn't seem to be working right.


There were also some fixes and updates and tweaks to various content types in the H5P plugin. Go explore and share some of what you have done, especially since you can back it up now!

I'll be back within the week to show off some steps in creation of content and some backups of sample files.